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Pat Young is a proud and happy octogenarian. She is a publisher, a published writer, a note card creator and a knitter, as well as a lover of life and the great state of Maine.

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1 year ago

What is This Funny Thing Called “Old?”

We use the word old to describe millions of people, things and events every day. Old friend, old pal, old man, old woman, old boy, old fool, old chap, old love, old tree, old book, old chair, old-fashioned, older than dirt!

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2 years ago

Observations from an 90-Year-Old Woman on How to Fully Engage with Life

I’ve made the decision to lovingly engage with everything that has life. By ‘life’ I refer to everything that lives, grows and dies. By engage, I mean to validate, to respect, to study, to experience, to question…

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5 years ago

Thinking of Downsizing? Here Are Some Tips to Sell Your Home Fast!

The well-dressed home sells fast and for top dollar.

The emergence of staging and makeover services around the country is dictating a need that has been crying out to be met. Read More

7 years ago

Choosing How to Live After 60: Alone, Lonely or Lonesome

Alone – without others present

Lonely – solitary, companionless, isolated

Lonesome – feeling lonely or forlorn

Why do so many women feel alone, lonely and lonesome? Could it possibly have something to do with choice? Is there a simple explanation that could turn these sad, often heartbreaking feelings around? Could we reverse being lonely and lonesome without involving other people, professionals, friends or family? Is it possible? Is it a choice? Read More