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After a 30-year marriage crumbled, Paula Harer found herself single for the first time in 35 years. She felt like she had something to say about her experience, so started writing a blog called Starting Over at Sixty She addresses everything from loneliness and reinvention and offers ways to create a new outlook on life.

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3 years ago

Are You Stuck in a Rut in Your 60s? Here’s How to Get Out

If you are stuck, it is time to get unstuck. Nothing ages a woman, in my opinion, more than being stuck in a rut, no matter what part of her life we are talking about. And we all do it. We all get caught in the trap of not staying current…

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4 years ago

Don’t Be Afraid to Brag! What Are *Your* Best Qualities?

This is going to be an article all about me. That sounds like something you really want to read, right? You get to read about Paula Harer. It is your lucky day! Read More

4 years ago

Don’t Give Up on Resolutions Yet: 3 Great Ways to Handle Them in 2020

If you’re someone who makes resolutions each year, I’m impressed. It just doesn’t happen for me, other than what I call the triple crown (lose weight, eat better, exercise more). I know myself and know that I will fall short, and the disappointment is more than I can manage…

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4 years ago

You’re Never Too Old to Embrace Change and Start Over!

Do you feel like you keep starting over with the same goals? About this time every winter I realize that I have already given up on many of the things that I wanted to change about myself in the new year. About two weeks in! Can you believe it? Read More

5 years ago

Want to Enjoy a New Year This Fall? Let Nothing Stop You from Writing Your Resolutions Now!

How wacky am I, right? Implying that September is the beginning of the new year. Follow me here: I think it is an even better time to make plans for productivity than the real start of the new year. Let me explain…

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6 years ago

How Lifelong Learning Is the Real Fountain of Youth

I was not the best student when I was young. I think I just didn’t feel that I had time when there was so much other interesting stuff going on! Read More

6 years ago

4 Surefire Ways to Make New Friends at Any Age

If you are starting over and feeling lonely, just remember that you can make new friends at any age. If you think that sounds like work, it is. But, it’s necessary and worthwhile. Read More

6 years ago

In Your 60s or Better? Here Are 3 Ways to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger

Do you want to know how to get on the road to looking 10 years younger than you do right now? It is so simple with these three easy steps: take inventory, rid yourself of energy takers, then forgive and move forward. Read More