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Dr. Randall Hartman, D.Min., M.Div., is a Baby Boomer who writes at about the ReFIRE reinvention process. After successfully serving for 30 years as a minister he uses his writing, speaking, and coaching skills to help people transition into their most vibrant and meaningful years. Sign up for Randall's newsletter to learn how to make the rest of your life the best.

Latest Posts By Randall Hartman

7 months ago

How Do Real Friends Respond to a Serious Illness? (7 Comforting Things to Say)

My friends are getting sick at an alarming rate. No doubt it goes with the aging process. We all get our share of aches and pains but some illnesses are a matter of life and death. When your friend is diagnosed with a serious illness, what’s the best way to respond?

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2 years ago

Words to Live By: 5 Proven Strategies to Help Maximize Life After 60

When my friend Tom died, his wife found a typed sheet of paper in his briefcase. The words “Personal Commandments” were at the top. There were 50 one-line truths he had committed to live by. When I saw the list, I realized it had been…

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3 years ago

7 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Getting Older

Have you noticed the decades cruising by at an uncomfortable rate of speed? Did you stop counting birthdays a long time ago? Do you dread getting older? In spite of all, I celebrate getting older. At the age of 62 these are the best days…

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5 years ago

Is the Definition of Retirement Holding You Back? Why Not Write Your Own?

An increasing number of Baby Boomers have grown reluctant to use the word retirement. And, why not? After all, we shouldn’t allow the dictionary to determine what our post-career years look like. It’s time to write our own definition of retirement…

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8 years ago

4 Critical Mental Shifts to Get More from Life After Retirement

Too many people slide into life after retirement with low expectations. Life has taught them not to expect much. So, they arrive at this station in the journey, beat up and worn out. Surviving becomes the all-consuming goal. Read More

8 years ago

How to Unleash Your Secret Power of Reinvention

The new buzz word for Baby Boomers is “reinvention.” Your career is winding down. You are not quite as energetic. Your focus shifts. Priorities rearrange themselves. When you started out in life you needed to invent yourself and now, with these passing years, you need to reinvent yourself. Read More