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Susan Tereba, an artist, jewelry designer and writer, has lived in Bali for 27 years. She had 14 years of experience as the primary caregiver for her husband, who had Alzheimer’s. Susan now writes and speaks with the goal of inspiring other caregivers for those with chronic illnesses. Please visit her website for more details

Latest Posts By Susan Tereba

2 weeks ago

Do You Need to Live Like a Mature Woman After 60?

When I was in my 30s, an older friend told me that I hadn’t suffered enough to really be compassionate and understanding with someone else. At the time, that comment hurt, but now, decades later, I understand what she meant…

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2 years ago

How I Learned to Practice Patience as a Caregiver

I’m not a patient woman by nature. I’ve never gone slowly and carefully into things but run full bore ahead. One of my mottos is, “If all else fails, read the directions.” When I start something new, I want to go to the last chapter first…

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3 years ago

12 Critical Travel Phrases to Help You Get More from Travel After 60

At my favorite Bangkok duck-soup stall, the owner lights up every time I say, “Aroy mak!” letting her know I thought the food was delicious. There’s a momentary connection we wouldn’t have had, had I said, “Delicious!” in English…

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4 years ago

Life is Precious! What Are Your Plans for the Time You Have Left?

My great-aunt Esther, who lived to be 89, often lamented, “If I’d known I was going to live this long, I would have recovered my chairs 20 years ago!” That expression has inspired me to live my dreams now, whether the dream is to get a pedicure, go on a trip, or build a new home. Read More

4 years ago

Staying Social After 60: How to Avoid Fake Friend Requests on Facebook

A man named Randy Scott (not his real name), requested to ‘friend me’ on Facebook. I often get military men, middle-aged and older men, requesting to be friends. I delete them since my rule of thumb is, “Don’t accept friend requests from people I don’t know.” Read More

4 years ago

How to Keep Your Passion For Life After 60

I’ve always been a passionate person. Passion has filled my life. When I’m interested in something, I go for it, and I’ve been blessed with abundant energy. My 64-year-old partner has a hard time keeping up with me! Read More

4 years ago

Why Cultivating Gratitude Is a Reset Button for Positivity After 60

The rice paddies that stretch out from the house are flooded now, reflecting the sky with big puff-ball clouds that turn pink, then orange, then white as the morning sun rises. Read More

5 years ago

5 Tips for a Better Travel Experience After 70

Galvanized by the Venice Biennale, I have just returned from a 23-day trip to Italy. This every-other-year international art exhibition goes from May to November and always recharges my creative juices…

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5 years ago

How Our Perception Shapes Our Lives After 60

Cruising along the freeway, my sister, Joan, and I were absorbed in a passionate discussion. Suddenly, time stood still. The car in front of us spun out of control, leaving the driver facing us. Read More

5 years ago

6 Ways to Help Yourself Through the Hard Times You Face with Age

The cloudy twilight sky was an eerie smoky orange. It felt otherworldly and matched my mood. I’ve had a spate of challenges and losses of late. Read More