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Susan Tereba, an artist, jewelry designer and writer, has lived in Bali for 27 years. She had 14 years of experience as the primary caregiver for her husband, who had Alzheimer’s. Susan now writes and speaks with the goal of inspiring other caregivers for those with chronic illnesses. Please visit her website for more details

Latest Posts By Susan Tereba

5 years ago

3 Concepts That Can Help in Reinventing Ourselves After 60

Did you ever think, “Ah, when I’m 65, I can finally do what I’ve wanted to do for so long: I can read when I want, be creative, take afternoon naps, see friends and play with my grandkids”? Read More

6 years ago

How Travelling on a Long-Distance Flight Can Be Relaxing and Transformational

People often complain about air travel and having to arrive two hours early for an international flight. The long check-in lines and going through immigration and security can be tedious. Read More

6 years ago

Boost Your Productivity After 60 with This Morning Trick

Ten years ago, five floors up in a Mumbai apartment, a sari clad palm reader told me I’d work until I was 78. That still suits me fine since I don’t have ‘retirement’ either in my bank account or my vocabulary. I’m one of the lucky ones that loves working and can’t imagine living without this passion that daily spurs me on. Read More

6 years ago

Why Caregivers Need Our Help and What to Do About It

The 2017 Ubud Writers and Readers Festival just finished here in Bali. It’s an exciting annual event that brings in authors from around the world, inspiring audiences with new ideas, current events and touching stories.

Read More
6 years ago

How Moving to a New House Can Change Your Life in Retirement

My life is passing before my eyes. And yet I’m healthy and vibrant, full of energy, enthusiasm and lots of gratitude. So what’s going on? Read More

7 years ago

How to Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone After 60

A few years ago, I made a vow to get out of my comfort zone. I was in my late 60s and had been observing a close friend so ensconced in her routine that if anything went slightly awry she became completely undone. Read More

7 years ago

What Bali Taught Me About the Importance of Advanced Directives

When I arrived at the gym, the electricity had been off for three hours. The treadmills were idle, and only people-powered-machines were raising heart rates. Read More

7 years ago

2 Simple Secrets to a Long and Healthy Life

I recently took an Internet test to see what my life expectancy was.

It asked a lot of questions about life habits, history of disease in the family and even education. After I’d answered all the questions I clicked the Calculate-Life-Expectancy button at the bottom of the page. Read More