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6 days ago

Why People Are Difficult and What to Do About It

Think about the person who frustrates you the most. Perhaps it’s a family member, colleague, neighbor, or friend. Maybe you find yourself thinking, They just don’t seem to get it, or their behavior is completely unacceptable. Wouldn’t it be nice…

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1 month ago

Can You Pinpoint Your Identity After 60?

With six or more decades of life under our belt, we have lived long enough to gain new identities and release old ones. In some cases, identity is established based on our phase of life. We were first a daughter, then a student, perhaps a wife…

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2 months ago

3 Steps to Finding You After a Life Transition

The early decades of life often provide a built-in, already prescribed identity for many. We are students, then perhaps spouses, professionals, parents, or maybe all of those at once. Our identity is so intertwined with these roles…

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2 months ago

How the Wisdom of the Older Generation Can Strip Limitations and Point to Longevity

My husband and I were out of state, celebrating our wedding anniversary when his heart stopped beating. I was 39 years old and suddenly, despite my best efforts, I was a widow. I had no clue how I was going to navigate this unfamiliar territory…

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4 months ago

Activating Acceptance When All You See Is Loss

If you’re in your seventh decade of life or beyond, no doubt you have experienced some plot twists. Whether illness, divorce, death or an otherwise unexpected curve ball that life threw at you. In my conversations with hundreds of people who have lost a spouse…

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5 months ago

Why Being Negative Is Natural for Us

Human brains are hard-wired in primitive ways and have just one goal – survival. They achieve the goal of keeping us alive in three primary ways: by prompting us to stay safe, seek pleasure, and be efficient. Before humans were established…

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6 months ago

How Creating a Belief Plan Will Help You Feel Better Immediately

If you feel stuck in a less-than-ideal life and can’t seem to find your way forward, consider that it may be because our brains are made for efficiency. The main goal of our primitive human brain is to keep us alive, and one way it accomplishes…

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7 months ago

How Judgmental Comments Reveal Our Own Self-Deprecating Thoughts

Imagine that I said to you, “I hate your purple hair. It looks terrible on you.” Assuming that your hair is any color except purple, you might wonder about my eyesight but aside from that, you wouldn’t give the comment a second thought…

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9 months ago

Dreading the Holidays? 5 Tips for Planning

The holiday lights are shining, Christmas trees are on display, the carols are playing, and presents are wrapped. Many people look forward to the festivities like no other, and the anticipation is as heartwarming as the actual holidays…

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10 months ago

Can Gratitude Stall Healing? Yes, When It Isn’t Sincere!

As a life coach for widows, I often talk with people who are using gratitude against themselves. Self-inflicted, forced gratitude is how many people attempt to kick themselves into a better emotional state. It isn’t effective…

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