Trish Duke lives in Australia. In her 60’s she reFired. Using her physical therapy and life skills, she founded two companies. One takes seniors and slow walkers to Israel on bucket list tours and the other,, coaches breast cancer patients to make the best recovery possible, physically, emotionally and sexually.

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5 months ago

10 Travel Tips That Will Come in Handy

As a senior tour operator, I’ve been to many places, but this article is not about that. Instead, I’d like to cover some tips that will make your travel experience better, safer, and more enjoyable!

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1 year ago

How to Navigate Post-Covid Travel

One key lesson that Covid has taught us is that life can be short and there is a new urgency to dig out the bucket list and make definite plans. Travel agents are talking about a shift in attitudes and bookings among their clients, moving their “someday I’ll do this…

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2 years ago

Coping with Anxiety, Distress, Depression Caused by a Life-limiting Disease or Chronic Condition

Being diagnosed with a disease or condition that could change your life (and those close to you), often sends you on a rollercoaster of emotions. Usually, shock is the first hit along with fear and bewilderment…

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