Wendy is a world traveler, having worked for many years on cruise ships, and lived in multiple countries during her adult life. In recent years Wendy pursues her passion for writing and sharing her gypsy soul experiences in various forms. Follow her on Instagram: wendygypsysoulcelebrant and read her Substack column at Wendyannhulbert.Substack.com.

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4 days ago

Being of Service in Your 60s 

As discussed in my previous blogs, there are so many perks to reaching this wonderful milestone, and I finally have the time and the means to follow through in earnest on one of the most pressing items that has remained flickering on my back burner: volunteering.

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3 weeks ago

Nourishing Your Soul in Your 60s and Beyond

It occurs to me that women from all around the world will be reading this article, which is why I realize that life experience in different countries is so relevant in its diversity. How fascinating it would be to sit in one room with a baby boomer…

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1 month ago

Moving on in My 60s as a Solo Woman

I am six weeks into my new life back in the UK, and how interesting this stepping stone is proving to be! I decided to invest in a small lodge near the Cornwall coastline to nurture my need as a Piscean to be close to the force of the ocean…

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2 months ago

My Continuing Friendship with My Two Exes

I ask myself this question often: how did I remain good friends with not one, but two ex-husbands? First, let me say that I am eternally grateful for that. There is no magic answer, but rather an ironic one; I chose two good men. If tomorrow…

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3 months ago

Needing a Virtual Hug in My 60s

Here I sit, tucked away in a quiet, distant corner of Orlando airport, waiting to board a flight to London, ready to start my new life: yet again. My emotional swings have been crazy today; I awakened full of beans, excited, optimistic…

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