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Celebrate You! What’s the Best Thing You Bought Yourself This Year?

By Margaret Manning March 20, 2015 Managing Money

Shopping is a necessary part of life and, by the time we turn 60, we are pretty good at it. We know what we like, what make us happy and, for the most part, we know where to go to get it!

In fact, this is one of the things I love most about being older. I’ve tried probably 50 mascaras in my life (I’m a real sucker for great packaging and marketing), but now that exactly which one to buy. Ironically, it’s the same one I started with 30 years ago.

It is certainly possible to go over the top when it comes to shopping. But, the opposite is also true – in our attempts to help those around us, we often forget to invest in the things that we love. Does this sound familiar?

I hope that everyone reading this has purchased at least one special thing for themselves this year – something precious that made you smile.

Perhaps, like me, you saved all year to take a trip to an exotic place. That act of putting a little aside each month can make your investment in yourself have so much more meaning. Maybe you treated yourself to a lovely dinner in your favourite restaurant or a trip to the day spa. What was your special gift to yourself?

Whatever you chose, I hope it refreshed and inspired you. You are a special person and you deserve to treat yourself once in a while!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Please answer the questions below and “like” and share this article to keep the conversation going.

What was the best thing you bought for yourself this year? Was it a special treat, like a book or jewelry? Or, did you invest in an experience or trip to a far off place? Or, did you choose something more practical to improve your day-to-day life?

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Great topic! Occasionally I “reward” myself with a purchase I want, but don’t actually need.

Recently I purchased a denim jacket with a gorgeous sequinced appliqué of the Eiffel Tower on the back!

I’ve visited Paris 3 times, each visit 20 yrs apart! Such a beautiful city to explore at every stage in life! 20 yrs ago I met a lovely English couple, we are still good friends today!! The husband passed recently and I’ve been able to help console the wife. She’ll be coming to visit me in 2024!

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