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Being a Superlifer is About Getting More from Life After 60

By Jane Aireton May 23, 2016 Lifestyle

The longer I live, the more I am amazed at the way the paths of life interweave and lead us down highways and byways we never knew existed.

My goal was to write a book and now I realize that was but the first step on a magical journey, which is taking me to all kinds of new places both mentally and physically.

My book, Success at 60+, talks about the importance of being inspired by others, I call them “Inspirators” just like I call those in the 60+ age group Superlifers. I love making up new words! The process of finding Inspirators led me down another path.

I started thinking that it was all very well to write a book and dish out advice, albeit from my own experience, in a vacuum, but what was it really like in real life day to day.

Was I living the Superlife? Was I in the Zone? Was I doing what I truly loved? Was I really where I wanted to be?

The best way to test out that theory was to put myself on the line and do some vlogging.

Give Back to and Embrace Your Inspirators

One of my inspirators was Sarah of Sarah Rows Solo and Oceans project. My advice in the book was to give back to your inspirators, as well as draw inspiration from them, so I invited Sarah to live with us for a while.

She arrived with loads of energy, a rowing machine, a dog and three cats. Soon, we set to work to make her project a reality. She realized that young people, deprived of education by war, natural disaster, gender etc. could be reached online, providing they were supplied with the right devices.

Her educational videos could be monetized. They could be used to educate students whilst raising funds online. In other words, she could be multitasking!

Meanwhile, I was getting to grips with Sarah’s GoPro camera and editing suite, which took a great deal of time with my short term memory loss. Now, I am finally plodding along as she flies out in front. She flagged up the Solvey Project to me as a reason to make my first video.

This project has been set up by two big YouTubers Louis Cole and Dave Erasmus in a worldwide bid to find innovative solutions to worldwide problems.

As the closing date drew closer and closer, I fought long and hard to find reasons not to do it, but in the end, I sat down with a camera and shot my entry. The encounter with various editing suites was a disaster, so I had to shoot it in one go!

My suggestion was that, because the Solvey project entries are so interesting, Superlifers should go and have a look at them and see how they can get involved by encouraging, inspiring and empowering, from their years of experience and expertise, these young innovators.

We all have so much to give, why not get out there and use it? We don’t have all the time in the world. Now is the time to make a difference!

I would love to know what you all think of this! I am biased in favour of Sarah’s project, but there are some stunning ideas out there and I am sure we can all contribute. What could you contribute and help to achieve the UN global goals?

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The Author

Jane Aireton is passionate about living life to the full and co-wrote Success at 60+, rebranding over 60s as Superlifers. Her Amazon series, “Work it Out in a Week” tackles attitudes to money, changing habits and Christmas stress. She draws on her lifetime experience of nursing and complimentary therapy. Join Jane on social media.

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