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How the Believe Concept Can Reframe Your New Year’s Resolution

By Ardith Bowman December 15, 2021 Mindset

If you have ever shopped at Macy’s over the holidays, you know they use the word “Believe” as part of their branding. This is an invitation to bring “Believe” truly into your life in the New Year… and leave the old resolution as a goal or wish behind.

How is this different than making a resolution? Let’s take a look.


What you want to create in 2022 must come from your deep and true inner desires. Give yourself the gift of pausing in this busy time of year to love yourself. Ask yourself, your inner wisdom, what you truly desire in the coming year.

This is not what a friend is doing or fixing something that our society or someone you know has said you should do. This is your life, and you know what is waiting to be created.

If it helps, you can listen to my guided mediation below, or any other support, that quiets you enough to trust yourself and listen. This mediation will guide you through key areas of life to help you reflect on the fullness of what is possible in the year ahead.

What is calling to you? Allow the answer to be fully yours. If needed, just stay aware of the question about what you truly desire and see what surfaces for you over several days. Allow all possibilities to surface.

You may want to talk yourself out of some desires because you don’ t think they are possible, or you don’t deserve them, or you don’t see how they can happen.


Follow the desire and see where it takes you. You probably will surprise yourself.

Bond with Your Vision

Next, write down what you envision in detail. Don’t hurry through this. You might even draw pictures. Some of mine look like a 10-year-old drew them and I don’t care. They help me see myself living the life I want.

Include how your life feels both physically and emotionally. Put yourself into the condition you want. Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? Is there a fragrance, color, feeling in the air?

It is important to find one or more moments within your vision where you feel an emotional connection. For example, when I decided to create deeper personal relationships with other women, I imagined enjoying a safe and warm conversation on the phone, laughing, and sharing. Yes, that is a part of my life now.


Finally – and this is the “Believe” aspect – know what you desire is possible and that it will become your reality. What might you do each day knowing that your decision is becoming your reality?

Here is your daily practice. Start now. When you wake up connect with your vision, especially the moment with the emotional connection. Then ask yourself, “what can I do today to move toward making this my reality?” Even the smallest step counts! Then, do it.

Can you see how this is different than goal setting? Rather than setting a goal, you are immediately in the process of creating.

For example, your desire may be to feel more fit and energetic. Many of us would immediately decide to exercise three times a week or join a health club or lose five pounds. Instead, imagine yourself feeling fit and energetic. What are you able to do? What does it feel like to be strong? What does your body feel like? How do your clothes fit?

Then, BELIEVE. Do not underestimate this step. Living in the complete expectation that your vision is becoming your reality can be a challenge some days when you just can’t see any progress or are tired. I’ll share one of my tricks. I have a special spot on my daily walk where I pause and thank life for everything that is unfolding in support of my vision, even though I can’t see all of it yet.

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What will you believe to 2022? What can you do today to move in that direction? What type of guidance or support do you think you need?

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