Dr. Ardith Bowman is a teacher and coach by training and a guide by virtue of experience. Her mission is to empower our generation, age 60 and beyond, to live with fulfillment throughout life. She will walk beside you, providing unwavering support and guidance as you navigate your path into more fulfillment and vitality. Visit her at Becoming You After 60.

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1 month ago

Try Being an Explorer in Times of Life Transitions

If you are experiencing some kind of life transition, you may be eager to get settled into your new phase. It might be leaving full-time work, or living alone for the first time in years, or having to adapt to new physical conditions. No matter the reason…

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2 months ago

Do You Have a Possibility Mindset?

We know that attention to fitness, stress reduction, having a sense of purpose, and connection with others adds healthy years to our lives. We also know that the years wear on our bodies and endurance. In this article, let’s address the realities…

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3 months ago

“So, What Do You Do All Day?” Retirement Question #1

Many retired women tell me they get asked this question. The reaction to it can be a negative one. I have heard comments like, “Well, they wouldn’t ask me that if I were still working!” One of the most common responses I hear is, “Whatever I want!”

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3 months ago

How Do We Transition to a New Phase of Life?

This article focuses on the transition out of full time work. The ideas also are relevant to anyone seeing 65 as a transition into a new phase of life. Let’s begin by framing the end of a full-time career as simply a transition in a continual sequence…

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4 months ago

This Is Our Time of Freedom

Many people in the life phase after full-time work use the word “freedom” to describe their experience. When we dig deeper, we find that there are different explanations of what freedom really means to each of us. I am curious about what is true for you…

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5 months ago

Vitality Domain #4 – Friendship and Love are Good for Your Health

Loneliness is associated with early mortality. Loneliness is not about feeling isolated socially; it is a deep feeling of being alone in the world. Some have described our modern-day situation as an “epidemic of loneliness…

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6 months ago

Vitality Domain #3 – Meaning and Creativity: Live It Now

We are continuing our exploration of the four vitality domains that influence your health span, now focusing on the area of meaning/purpose and creativity. Isn’t it time to be your own heroine and be/do what has been waiting in the wings?

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7 months ago

Vitality Domain #2 – How Your Mindset Impacts Your Life Span

We are continuing our exploration of the Vitality Domains that support our healthy aging. The second of four life areas that influence our health span is mindset. This encompasses our beliefs about aging, optimism, and mindfulness or presence…

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8 months ago

Vitality Domain #1 – Loving Life with Well-Being and Energy

Well-being and energy comprise the first area for us to explore as we seek to influence our “health span.” It is all about our fitness, diet, managing stress, play and living a life that energizes us. In a way, this is the most challenging area to influence…

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9 months ago

How to Make Use of the 6 Retirement Types

Are you in the “one plan and done” retirement trap? Living into your 60s and beyond is a phase of life with many transitions. Sadly, one aspect of ageism is that retirement is seen as a static life phase with decline over time. It is time to disrupt this view…

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