Ardith Bowman Ph.D., founder of Becoming You After 60™, guides women nearing 60 and beyond through a transformational journey to create their most authentic life… one that taps into the wisdom, power and courage born of life experience. Through coaching, workshops and community, she shifts limiting beliefs about what is possible for our generation of women. Visit Ardith at

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2 weeks ago

Wise Women Choose What Is in Season

It is said, to everything there is a season. For some of us, our purpose is focused on caring for parents, family and/or work responsibilities. Some of us are exploring what we want next in life. Such freedom is both exhilarating/exciting…

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4 weeks ago

The Three Pillars to Level Up Your Purpose: Wise Women Create with Others

We continue to explore the three pillars that support you creating a life of meaning and purpose. The first pillar is strengthening your relationship with your own wisdom and guidance. The second is aligning yourself with the abundance of life…

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2 months ago

The Three Pillars to Level up Your Purpose: The Wise Woman Creates with Life

If you are going to create a life with the personal purpose that inspires you and brings you meaning, you first need to believe it is possible. In my previous article, I shared that one of the key learnings you need to embrace is that you are enough at this moment…

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3 months ago

The Three Pillars to Level Up Your Purpose: Set Your Wise Woman Free

In an earlier article, we discussed the value of having a sense of purpose in life and some easy steps to help you discover yours. Recall that purpose is related to vitality, mental acuity, and longevity. Now, we will explore the three key pillars to keep leveling…

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3 months ago

6 Easy Steps into a Life with Purpose

In recent years, there have been a number of studies about the relationship between purpose and aging. A Sense of Purpose Promotes Healthy Aging is one example. Research suggests that living with a sense of purpose not only adds quality of life…

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4 months ago

How to Make Use of the 6 Retirement Types

Are you in the “one plan and done” retirement trap? Living into your 60s and beyond is a phase of life with many transitions. Sadly, one aspect of ageism is that retirement is seen as a static life phase with decline over time. It is time to disrupt this view…

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5 months ago

Is Because Thinking Stopping You from Doing, Being, and Enjoying?

How many times have you decided to not do something because of conditions around you? For example, what you think someone your age can’t or shouldn’t do, or not investing in yourself because money should be saved…

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