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3 weeks ago

How to Make Use of the 6 Retirement Types

Are you in the “one plan and done” retirement trap? Living into your 60s and beyond is a phase of life with many transitions. Sadly, one aspect of ageism is that retirement is seen as a static life phase with decline over time. It is time to disrupt this view…

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4 weeks ago

Cultivating Your Health Span Is Easier than Ever

I have some wonderful news. It is good for us to focus on the positive when we can. Do you know that the life areas that bring you happiness, like good relationships, are the very same ones that contribute to your “health span”?

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1 month ago

Is “Because Thinking” Stopping You from Doing, Being, and Enjoying?

How many times have you decided to not do something because of conditions around you? For example, what you think someone your age can’t or shouldn’t do, or not investing in yourself because money should be saved…

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3 months ago

Navigating the Threshold into our 60s and Beyond

Research about our phase of life increasingly views the 60s and 70s as entering an entirely new stage of life, much like adolescence to adulthood is a stage transition. This certainly contrasts with the view of these years being the end of our societal influence…

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4 months ago

The Work Hard – Retire Hard Myth

Many of us grew up in an era where the accepted approach to life was to work really hard to be successful at our chosen role and take care of responsibilities. Then, like magic, at 65 we get to stop and make up for all the “fun” we put off…

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5 months ago

What Is the True Meaning of Comfort?

One of the blessings for many of us in our 60s and beyond is living a comfortable life. This does not imply riches. It means we have found a way to have ‘enough’. We have given our time to our work/profession and family. Now is our time to relax…

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6 months ago

What Is Speranza-Certezza and How to Live with It?

Italians use the term speranza-certezza, offering an expansion to how we might use only the word hope, or perhaps intention or faith. It means to hold hope and certainty at the same time. Think about it… this is a powerful pairing of ideas that transforms…

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8 months ago

Find Your Gratitude Tree

We all know that feeling grateful feels good. Right? It is more than that! We care about aging well, with vitality and wellness. Well, gratitude can play a big part in that. According to Positive Psychology, research shows that benefits of gratitude…

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10 months ago

Embracing Change as a Woman over 70

Change, even if creating something you truly desire, can be challenging. Why in the world would anyone, especially when in your 70s, choose to go through change? Well, growing and learning are a type of change; growing and learning are essential…

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1 year ago

The Galapagos: My Love Adventure

It was a long day! I flew from the west coast in the US. Most flights connect through Panama, a delightful airport. Then it is on to Guayaquil, Ecuador. If you make the same trip, I recommend spending a day there if you can. It is the largest city in Ecuador…

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