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45 Best Gifts for Crafters

By Samantha Howard July 26, 2023 Hobbies

There’s no better way to show appreciation for the dedicated crafters in our lives than by gifting them something that inspires and enhances their artistic endeavors. Whether they’re seasoned artisans or just beginning to explore their creative side, the right gift can make a world of difference in their crafting journey.

Unfortunately, finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy. You want to give them something unique and useful, not just another item they already have. If your special someone is a crafter, fear not! There’s a treasure trove of supplies and kits available that would make fantastic gifts to nurture their creative spirit.

Here are my top 10 picks for crafters:

  1. High-Quality Crafting Scissors — Every crafter always needs scissors.
  2. Cricut Explore 3 — Help them make vinyl decals, stickers, and more.
  3. Gift Card — You can never go wrong with a gift card to Michaels or another craft store.
  4. Ergonomic Crochet Hooks — Make their crochet sessions more comfortable.
  5. Miniature Model Kit — Explore the magic of miniatures.
  6. Handlettering Set — Introduce them to the beauty of handlettering.
  7. Digital Drawing Tablet — Add digital art to their repertoire.
  8. Mosaic Tile Kit — Create stunning art with ceramic tiles.
  9. Watercolor Paint Set — Unleash their inner artist.
  10. Metal Stamping Kit — Customize keychains, bracelets, and more.

Gifts Any Crafter Will Love

From essential tools and materials to unique accessories, I’ve included something for nearly every type of crafter, no matter their preferred medium. So let’s dive in and discover the perfect gift to celebrate the creativity of the crafters we admire and love.

1. High-Quality Crafting Scissors

Crafters use scissors for various projects, making high-quality crafting scissors essential. With sharp blades and ergonomic handles, these scissors provide comfort and control, allowing crafters to work effortlessly for hours on end.

2. Cricut Explore 3

Take crafting to the next level with the Cricut Explore 3, a cutting machine that offers unparalleled versatility and precision. This device cuts various materials, including vinyl, cardstock, fabric, and even wood, making it perfect for creating all sorts of custom crafts.

3. Gift Card

For the crafter who loves the freedom to choose their own supplies, a gift card to their favorite craft store is a thoughtful and versatile option. Whether they need new yarn for a knitting project or colorful paint for their next masterpiece, this gift allows them to indulge in their creative pursuits.

4. Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

Crochet enthusiasts will appreciate the comfort of ergonomic crochet hooks. These hooks feature soft, ergonomic handles that reduce hand fatigue, making it easier for crafters to work on yarn projects without discomfort.

5. Miniature Model Kit

A miniature model kit is the perfect gift for crafters who love intricate details and challenging projects. These kits allow them to recreate detailed replicas of buildings and more, providing an interesting and engaging crafting experience.

6. Hand Lettering Set

Inspire their creativity with a hand lettering set featuring a selection of high-quality pens, markers, and practice sheets. As they explore the art of beautiful lettering, they’ll learn how to add artistic flair to greeting cards, bullet journals, and other projects.

7. Digital Drawing Tablet

A digital drawing tablet opens up a new world of digital creativity for artists and crafters. This versatile tool allows crafters to create digital illustrations, graphic designs, and digital art.

8. Mosaic Tile Kit

Introduce your favorite crafter to captivating mosaic art with a mosaic tile kit. Complete with all the supplies they need, these kits allow crafters to create stunning mosaic designs on various surfaces, from picture frames to stepping stones.

9. Watercolor Paint Set

Any artist will enjoy and appreciate a high-quality watercolor paint set. With a range of vibrant colors and high-quality pigments, these sets allow crafters to achieve stunning watercolor effects and create beautiful works of art.

10. Metal Stamping Kit

Help your gift recipient delve into metal stamping with a comprehensive metal stamping kit. With one of these kits, they can create personalized jewelry, keychains, and embellishments by impressing designs and letters onto metal surfaces.

11. Heat Press

A heat press is an excellent gift for crafters who love working with heat transfer vinyl and sublimation. This versatile tool allows them to create personalized t-shirts, tote bags, and other custom projects with ease.

12. Quilting Supplies

Quilting enthusiasts always appreciate the gift of essential quilting supplies. From rotary cutters and quilting rulers to colorful fabrics and quilting threads, these supplies equip crafters with everything they need for their quilting journey.

13. Origami Paper Set

Crafters who enjoy the art of folding paper will love a set of colorful origami papers. With various patterns and colors, this set allows them to easily create intricate paper folds and designs.

14. DIY Candle-Making Kit

Help your loved one tap into the craft of creating soothing candles with a DIY candle-making kit. Complete with wax, wicks, fragrance oils, and containers, these kits empower crafters to make personalized candles that add a warm touch to any space.


15. Pottery Wheel Kit

A pottery wheel kit is a dream come true for anyone interested in pottery and ceramics. This kit includes a mini pottery wheel and sculpting tools, allowing crafters to create unique clay masterpieces.

16. Cross-Stitch Kit

For those with an eye for detail and a love for needlework, a cross-stitch kit is an accessible and rewarding crafting experience. With pre-printed patterns and colorful threads, these kits provide all the essentials to create beautiful and intricate cross-stitch designs.

17. Metal Clay Kit

Metal clay kits are perfect for crafters interested in jewelry-making. With metal clay, they can sculpt and shape their designs before firing them, resulting in unique and beautiful metal jewelry pieces.

18. Art Markers Set

Help them add vibrant colors to their artistic creations with high-quality art markers. With the right markers, crafters can achieve smooth and consistent lines that are ideal for illustration, coloring, and mixed-media projects.

19. Woodburning Kit

A woodburning kit is a fantastic gift if you’re looking for a new project for your friend to try. With a woodburning pen and a variety of interchangeable tips, plus stencils and heat-resistant gloves, this kit allows crafters to create intricate designs and patterns on wood surfaces.

20. Embossing Heat Tool

Enhance their paper crafting projects with an embossing heat tool. This handy tool heats embossing powder, creating raised and shiny designs on cards, invitations, and other paper crafts.

21. DIY Screen Printing Kit

Unlock the world of screen printing with a DIY screen printing kit. Your recipient can print custom designs on clothing, tote bags, and other fabric items while exploring this versatile and exciting craft.

22. Acrylic Paint Set

Artists and crafters alike will appreciate a versatile acrylic paint set. With a wide range of colors and fast-drying properties, these acrylic paints are perfect for canvas painting, rock art, and other endeavors.

23. Scrapbooking Supplies

Help your friend or loved one preserve precious memories with a collection of scrapbooking supplies. From patterned papers and embellishments to stickers and paper photo frames, these supplies will inspire crafters to create beautiful and meaningful scrapbook layouts.

24. Craft Storage Solutions

Keeping craft supplies organized can be tricky. Gift practical craft storage solutions to help your recipient keep everything neat and tidy. From storage bins and shelves to stackable containers, organizers ensure they can access their supplies easily and maintain a clutter-free workspace.

25. Leather Crafting Kit

Introduce the art of leather crafting with a comprehensive leather crafting kit. Crafters can create beautiful leather accessories like wallets, keychains, and bracelets, adding a rustic touch to their style.

26. Jewelry-Making Kit

A jewelry-making kit is a perfect choice for crafters who love accessories. With various beads, findings, and tools, these kits empower crafters to design and create unique and stylish accessories.

27. Loom Weaving Kit

Explore weaving with a loom kit that provides everything needed to create stunning woven tapestries and wall hangings. Your favorite crafter can experiment with different textures and colors, bringing their artistic visions to life through weaving with one of these kits.

28. Personalized Labels

Help them add a personal touch to their handmade creations with personalized labels. Crafters will appreciate this thoughtful addition to their toolkit and think of you whenever they sell or give one of their completed projects as a gift.

29. Craft-Themed Coffee Mug

Boost their crafting enthusiasm with a fun and stylish craft-themed coffee mug. Whether adorned with charming illustrations or witty quotes, these mugs make a delightful addition to any crafter’s collection.

30. Resin Starter Kit

Introduce the crafter in your life to the mesmerizing world of resin art with a resin starter kit. This kit provides all the essential components, including resin, hardener, and molds, to create stunning resin jewelry.

31. Sewing Machine

Experienced seamsters and beginners alike will love the gift of a sewing machine. A sewing machine with multiple stitch patterns opens up a world of creative possibilities for garment-making, home decor, and more and will surely delight any crafter.

32. Diamond Art Kit

Give your special someone a diamond art kit to help them create dazzling artwork using resin “diamonds.” This captivating and relaxing craft produces shimmering, mosaic-like masterpieces that add elegance to any room.

32. Polymer Clay Kit

A polymer clay kit provides a colorful and versatile medium for crafters who love sculpting and jewelry-making. With a wide array of vibrant colors, crafters can mix and blend the clay to achieve their desired shades and bring their imaginative creations to life.

33. Needle Felting Kit

Unleash creativity with a needle felting kit that allows your crafter to create adorable wool sculptures. Using felting needles, they can shape wool into charming characters and decorative pieces.

34. Calligraphy Starter Set

Introduce them to the art of beautiful writing with a calligraphy starter set. Complete with various calligraphy pens and nibs, along with an exercise booklet and instructional guides, this set provides aspiring calligraphers with everything they need to develop their skills.

35. Arts & Crafts Subscription Box

Gift the crafter who always loves trying something new a regularly delivered surprise with an arts and crafts subscription box. Each box is curated around a specific theme or crafting technique, offering fresh inspiration and materials for a wide range of projects.

36. Woobles Crochet Kit

Encourage creativity with a charming Woobles crochet kit, which teaches beginners how to create adorable amigurumi animals. Complete with all the necessary materials, including yarn, a crochet hook, stuffing, safety eyes, and video instructions, this kit makes crafting whimsical characters a breeze.

37. Soap Making Kit

Your crafter will enjoy exploring the art of soap-making with a comprehensive soap-making kit. Complete with soap bases, fragrances, colors, and molds, a kit enables them to design beautiful and nourishing handmade soaps.


38. Stained Glass Kit

Send them on a captivating journey into the art of stained glass crafting with a stained glass kit. Crafters will appreciate the colorful glass pieces, tools, and patterns that allow them to create intricate and vibrant stained glass pieces.


39. Crafting Class

Gift the opportunity to learn new techniques and enhance their skills with a crafting class. Whether it’s pottery, jewelry-making, or watercolor painting, these classes offer valuable experiences that will enrich their crafting journey. If you pay for them to attend a local class, you could even go with and spend the day together.

40. Craft-Themed Shirt

Let your much-loved crafter proudly display their passion with a craft-themed shirt. Featuring witty slogans, illustrations, or clever crafting-related designs, crafty shirts are a stylish and personalized addition to any crafter’s wardrobe.

41. Knitting/Crochet Bag

A practical and thoughtful gift, a knitting or crochet bag offers ample space and pockets for fiber artists to carry their projects on the go. With these bags, crafters can stay organized and inspired wherever they venture.

42. Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Any knitter would appreciate the versatility and convenience of interchangeable needles. These sets come with a wide range of needle sizes, making them ideal for various knitting projects and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

43. Macrame Kit

A macrame kit provides all the necessary materials and step-by-step instructions for those interested in creating intricate designs from knots. Crafters can use this kit to create beautiful macrame wall hangings, plant hangers, and more.

44. Desk Lamp

Provide optimal lighting for their crafting projects with a practical desk lamp. Adjustable brightness levels and various modes ensure that crafters have adequate illumination and reduced eye strain, enabling them to work comfortably and with enhanced precision.

45. Cordless Glue Gun

Streamline their projects with a versatile cordless glue gun. Perfect for working on crafting projects on the go or in any workspace, this gift allows crafters to glue various materials without being tethered to an electrical outlet.

These carefully selected gifts are bound to ignite joy and creativity in the heart of the crafter you cherish. They will remember your support for their artistic pursuits as they enjoy their favorite hobby or embark on new creative journeys with your gifts. Happy gifting!

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What’s the best craft-related gift you’ve ever received? What’s the worst? What gift do you wish someone would give you?

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