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5 Best Exercises for Seniors

We know that staying active, eating nutritious meals and snacks, and drinking enough water are major components to a prolonged life lived with a healthy body and mind. We all want that, right?

The exercises that you used to do when you were younger may not be suitable now that you are older. You don’t need to hit the gym to get excellent daily workouts. Many exercises for seniors can be done from your home or outside near your home.

Tip: Try to find a partner to exercise with. It keeps you accountable and makes it more fun.

Reasons for Seniors to Exercise

Staying Healthy Means Staying Independent

Chances are you will not need assistance or aid in your daily life if your body and mind are healthy. Having to rely on others as you get older is a major adaptation and your freedom can be greatly compromised.

Exercise Provides Needed Energy

The more you move the more your body will want to move. Simple as that. It may be difficult to get started and it may take a while until you reap the full benefits, but you will definitely notice your energy level rise.

Exercise Helps with Balance

Balance can get compromised with age. It can stem from inner ear problems or from mobility issues. Falls are a major reason for injuries in older people.

Regular exercises that involve stretching and toning can help keep your healthy balance longer.

Best Exercises for Seniors

Speak with your doctor or primary caregiver before starting a new exercise program. Mention to them what type of exercises you intend to do, and they will let you know if your body is healthy enough.

Also, make sure that you have the proper comfortable clothing items and footwear when you exercise.


Walking is the easiest activity to start. Equip yourself with some good walking shoes and go out for a daily walk. Listen to your body and pick up the pace for brisk walks on the days when you feel energized.

Tip: Look for local listings for senior walking clubs if you don’t like walking alone.

If you haven’t walked for a while, see our article on How to Restart Your Walking Habit. If you want to take your walks to the next level, why not read How to Take Your Walking Up a Notch!

Water Aerobics

Low impact water aerobics is another excellent choice of exercise for older people. The risk of injury is greatly diminished when doing movements in water. Water aerobics is especially perfect if you suffer from joint pain or arthritis.

You can do the exercises on your own if you have access to a private pool or check out the public pools for senior water aerobics classes in your area.

Tip: Weights and resistance water accessories like pool noodles can help with your water aerobics training.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands have become trendy in the fitness world lately. They are used in yoga, Pilates, and for simple strength training and toning. They are stretchy bands of rubber-type fabric that you use to create resistance without causing stress on the muscles and bones.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is another low impact activity that is perfect for seniors. It can help strengthen and stretch your muscles and improve your mobility and flexibility.

Weight Training

Weight training can easily be done at home. You can purchase 2lbs or 3lbs dumbbells to zone in on particular muscles you want to strengthen. Weight training is safe for seniors when done with light dumbbells.

Tip: Hire a personal trainer for a personalized program if you can afford it.

Do you exercise regularly? Do you intend to start exercising? What is your favorite type of exercise for seniors? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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I love to dance for exercise.

Jennifer Logullo

Thank you for sharing these recommendations! Exercising is vitally important to strengthen muscles, improve balance, and prevent falls for older adults. This article shares some additional helpful tips and exercise ideas:

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