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Happy 69th Birthday Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run and Not Slowing Down Yet

By Margaret Manning September 22, 2018 News

Bruce Springsteen has been a pop icon for almost 40 years. As such, his career has mirrored the lives of those of us who are in our 60s. On September 23rd, he turns 69 and I wanted to take a look at his life and wish him a very happy birthday on behalf of the Sixty and Me community.

Bruce’s music focuses on the lives of working class Americans. Through his lyrics, he deals with the contradictions and opportunities present in a country filled with contradictions.

He may be from the U.S., but, his message is universal. Perhaps this is the reason that he still maintains a cult following and continues to perform dynamic live shows around the world.

Like all of us boomers, Bruce has reinvented himself many times and has faced numerous challenges in his life. Through it all, he has emerged stronger than ever.

Springsteen was raised in a middle class family. His mother, Adele, was a secretary and his father Douglas was a bus driver. In his youth, he performed in numerous bands, eventually releasing his most famous album, “Born in the USA” in 1984.

Born in the USA sold 20-million copies and established his reputation as a passionate live performer who could perform intense ballads and rock tunes for hours. Since then, he has won 19 Grammy Awards, 2 Golden Globes and an Academy Award. Perhaps more important, he has attracted one of the most passionate followings of any music icon.

Bruce Springsteen has strong political and ethical views, but, regardless of whether you agree with him on any particular issue, you have to admire his passion. He is one of those people who show complete and utter dedication to what they love to do. This is true in his music and in his life.

As Jon Stewart said of Bruce Springsteen, “He empties the tank, every time. He empties that tank for his family, he empties that tank for his art, he empties that tank for his audience and he empties that tank for his country.”

I am sure Bruce will be celebrating his 69th birthday in a wonderfully intense way. Let’s add our good wishes and say Happy 69th birthday Bruce Springsteen! You are “The Birthday Boss!”

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Are you a Bruce Springsteen fan? What is your favorite song of his? What one question would you ask Bruce Springsteen if you had the chance? Please join the conversation and “like” and share this article to keep the conversation going!

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