In this episode of the Sixty and Me Show, I speak with Alexia Parks, an intriguing woman who is an author, innovator and entrepreneur. She is leading new thinking in the area of social change and the role of women in our modern world.

Alexia introduces her book “Hardwired: 10 Major Traits of Women Hardwired By Evolution That Can Save The World”, where she explores what she calls the ‘new science of women’s brains’. She explains her opinion that women are ‘hardwired’ with unique personality strengths and traits that make women ideal leaders in today’s complex and interconnected world. Enjoy the show!

We discuss the traits of highly successful women and the unique way they are able to multitask, show empathy and connect and collaborate. We also talk about the complementary role of men and how to empower future women leaders of all ages.

Alexia and I also discuss the organization she has recently founded called with a mission to empower women to make changes in their lives, and to bring their collaboration and nurturing skills to the world of politics. Its goal is to encourage women to feel powerful and have confidence to challenge the status quo, and take on leadership in government as well as all areas of corporate and private business.

Her message for women over 60 is to realize their unique strengths and skills and to take action to bring years of wisdom and experience and innate leadership skills into the world.

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