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Financial Independence After 60: Make a Budget and Earn More Money (Video)

By Margaret Manning June 12, 2013 Managing Money

In this episode of the Sixty and Me Show, I spoke with the dynamic Chellie Campbell, on a topic that weaves its way into our lives every day and elicits every emotion from fear to elation – money!

Chellie’s passionate life mission is to empower women to develop a positive view to their financial responsibilities. We discuss how to rethink the concept of retirement, budget effectively, and make more money after 60! Enjoy the show!

Chellie works with women around the world to address their financial challenges and plan the third act of their lives. Her books and workshops give women the tools they need to deal with financial stress, budget realistically, and apply their unique skills to making more money.

In our interview, she introduces several psychological principles for creating a positive self-image – a critical step on the road to financial security. She even talks about the spiritual element of money management and the importance of staying positive and following one’s values.

Another key topic that we discuss is how the different personality “styles” impact people’s relationships with money. As you will see in the video, these personality types can have a big impact on how we view and deal with our own financial situation. Finally, on a lighter note, she shares her passion for poker and reveals how her love of the game has helped her to life a better, more fulfilling life.

What does financial independence mean to you? Are you planning on continuing to work once you reach retirement age? Why or why not? Please join the conversation.

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