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The Best Ways to Cover Up Those White and Grey Eyebrow Hairs

Since I’ve received some questions lately about how to cover up those white and grey eyebrow hairs that just seem to keep popping out, I thought this would be a good time to discuss some solutions.

Now, many of us have only a few white or grey brow hairs, while others have plenty, so let’s break down the issue.

Best Ways to Cover Just a Few White or Grey Brow Hairs

I know it’s so darn tempting to just get rid of the offending hairs by plucking them out, but please don’t, because we need to hang on to as many of those brow hairs as possible since our brows aren’t quite as full and lush as they once were! So gently put the tweezers down.

I’ve had some fun doing research how to cover up white or grey brow hairs and I’ve also been experimenting with a lot of different products, and trust me, every brand has at least one such product! If you’ve found brow products that cover grey or white brows well, please let us know about them in the comment section below.

The No-Gos

Many of the products I read about online simply didn’t do the trick of covering my white or grey brow hairs.

Eyebrow powder definitely didn’t work, because it simply didn’t adhere to white or grey brow hairs. Some people suggest using eyebrow gel first then rubbing eyebrow powder over it, but I didn’t have much luck with it.

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Creams and pomades, even those from leading brands such as Anastasia of Beverly Hills and Maybelline accomplished the same “no go” result. I had no luck with eyebrow pencils either.

This Works!

That leaves the most promising eyebrow product option: the eyebrow gel. The main purpose of gels is to keep unruly brow hairs in place, which is why some are clear. I, however, wanted coverage, so I went for tinted gels.

The top three products that I can recommend are Benefit’s 3D Browtones product, Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Brows, and Anastasia of Beverly Hills’ DIPBROW gel.

The ABH gel is really top of the top. It comes in a mini size that’s $9.00 which has five colors. There are 11 colors in the regular size, and it sells for $20.00. The product probably works well because it’s described as being highly pigmented and waterproof with full coverage and a rich color payoff which adheres to brows to build natural dimension and fullness.


If you’re looking for a really great product that lasts for up to three days, that would be Wunderbrow. It comes in five shades: Blonde, Auburn, Brunette, Black/Brown and Black. It costs $22, but there’s also a mini version on the Wunderbrow site for $12 which only comes in the brunette shade.

This product is entirely waterproof, smudgeproof and transferproof. The gel is infused with hairlike fibers to fill in and shape the brows, and it’s a cruelty free. It comes with a brush and the larger size also comes with a dual-ended spoolie and angled brush.

The first application step is to make sure your brows are dry and free of oils or creams. Then, take some product off the applicator brush top that screws off with an angled brush to fill in gaps and create the brow shape you want. You definitely don’t want to use the brush that’s attached to the screw on top to apply this product because the product application will be too heavy and thick.

Then use the spoolie end to comb through, soften and groom the brows by brushing product evenly through the brows. Add more product if you feel that more coverage is needed. It’s best to use an oil based cleanser to remove it. Wunderbrow will also work well if you have quite a few white and grey brow hairs to cover.

Ways to Cover Many White or Grey Brow Hairs

If you have plenty of brow hairs that need coverage, you can always check with your hair stylist to see if they can dye your brows. If you get your hair colored, sometimes brow dyeing will be done for no extra charge, but usually there will be a charge.

Another strategy I’ve heard of is using mascara or Sharpies, but I definitely don’t recommend that approach.

Something that I’ve heard works well is the Just for Men Mustache and Beard Easy Brush In Color.  This is a multiple application facial hair color kit. It comes with a mixing tray, color developer, ammonia free color base, brush, gloves and instructional leaflet. When mixed together, the developer and base produce a no drip gel.

If you’re trying to decide between two colors, it’s usually best to choose the lighter shade for the most natural look. Since the brush is way too big for brows, you’ll need to get some disposable mascara wands and also pick up a product called Interdental Brushes which are very tiny spoolies.

It’s also good to have dampened cotton rounds handy. Some people like to apply Vaseline around the

edges of the eyebrow so if any product lands on the skin rather than brow hairs, it’s easy to clean off. Just squeeze out a pea size amount of each of the two products, mix them together and brush on the mixture to the brow hairs using the disposable mascara wand. Leave it on for five minutes and then wipe off with a slightly damp cotton pad.

It’s very important to put just a very small amount on the brow hairs and to keep the eye below the brow where you’re applying the product closed. The color will stay looking good for roughly three weeks.

I have not yet tried this product myself since I’m not at the point – yet – where I need to dye my brows. But many people whom I respect suggest this product.

Keep in mind that the package warns not to use this product on eyelashes or brows. So, if you decide to give it a try, you’ll have to be very careful with the application.

Have you had trouble finding a product that covers up white or grey brow hairs? Have you tried any products that do a good job of covering up white or grey brow hairs? If so, please share the brands and names of those products with us.

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