One of the biggest myths about aging is that women over 60 no longer care about how they look. This is definitely not true. Most of us still care about how we look, even if the world expects us to be invisible. At the same time, I have to wonder whether the focus of our attention shifts. For example, do most of us still care about being “sexy” in our 60s? Or, do we care more about being “desirable,” “visible,” or “needed?”

To be clear, I’m not asking whether women over 60 are still interested in sex. This varies quite a bit from person to person, but, most polls that I have seen show that women over 60 are still quite sexual. I’m talking more about how we perceive ourselves. Is it still important to be “sexy”?

I’m really interested in your opinion on this. Do you still want to be sexy now that you have reached your 60s or even 70s?

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What did you think of the results of this survey? If you said that being sexy was not important for you, what similar word would you use to describe how you want to feel? Desirable? Attractive? Something else? Please join the discussion.

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