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Don’t Fade Away! Fight Invisibility with Fashion After 50

By Sixty and Me April 15, 2019 Beauty

Margaret Manning talks with fashion blogger Patti Gibbons about the ageist belief that, after 50, women are no longer fashionable. They also discuss how mature women can change these beliefs, if they wish to.

Patti is so dedicated to this idea that, every week, she features a guest for her rubric “Visible Monday” to discuss everything – from outfits to lipstick – to express the sheer joy of being physically visible.

The Advantages of Invisibility

Imagine yourself sitting on a bench in a public place, be it a shopping mall, airport, or park. Wearing something baggy and drab, as a mature woman, you are invisible to many.

This could be considered advantageous if you wish to observe people walking by, employees, or businesses, or if you wish to remain inconspicuous for whatever reason.

This is something that most 30-something women cannot do without receiving attention from both men and women.

The Invisible Factor Is About More than Mere Fashion

Whether mature women choose to dress in an edgy, modern, or vintage type of fashion, we tend to become emotionally attached to our fashion style and preferences.

Fashion is “a connection to something inside us,” Patti says. “You can tell immediately when someone isn’t feeling well or isn’t feeling confident.”

The mature woman can choose to be visible if she wishes, but clothing isn’t the only way we can make ourselves “known.” Non-verbal communication is just as important as what we put on. This category includes our posture, the way we enter a room, and that confident feeling that a mature woman puts forth that gets her noticed.

Clothing Choices Are an Art Form

Many of the non-verbal communication messages we put out, come from within, but clothing choices also play a huge part. No woman will march confidently into a room wearing an outfit that doesn’t make her feel beautiful.

Patti suggests being courageous and playing with fashion! Experiment with accessories, jewelry, and fashion items you might not have tried before. Remember that fashion is supposed to be fun!

Fashion Is Feeling

Any woman who has ever put on the perfect pair of jeans or the perfectly-fitted dress and has experienced that thrill of excitement understands that fashion isn’t just about wearing clothing, it’s about feeling the clothing.

Yes, we might no longer be young, but being a mature woman means you are totally free to choose whatever fashion you want to wear, any type of fashion that makes you feel fabulous!

Forget about those lists in magazines that try to tell you what you should or should not wear after 50. Wear clothing that reflects your most authentic self.

Mature Women Are Free to Be Themselves

If you decide that you like the benefits of being invisible, that’s fine. However, if you would like to banish the invisible factor from your life, Patti and Margaret have many exciting suggestions for you in this video, so be sure to watch it!

Can you think of a time when you enjoyed the invisibility factor? Do you prefer your fashion sense to be noticed? Are there fashion items that women over 50 shouldn’t wear? Join in the conversation and share your thoughts with our community!

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