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Expect a Miracle When Attempting a Mid-Life Revival

By Penelope Jane Whiteley October 09, 2019 Mindset

Are you attempting a mid-life resuscitation? If like me, this includes starting a business. Have you ever woken up at three or four in the morning, usually from a disturbed sleep, to find your first thought is “What do I think I’m doing?”

Taking Stock

Have you lain there and taken stock of your life? Have you looked at the good and the bad, reviewed your successes and failures, recognised your talents and where things need to be done by others?

Have you acknowledged your weak points and built on your strong points, or are you still floundering around trying to find what any of this means?

Asking Tough Questions

At three o’clock in the morning the questions come in thick and fast. Why am I doing this? Here I am in my mid-50s (40s, or 60s or any other age), trying to start a business in which there is little if any interest from anybody outside of the cat.

Every day I beat my brains out trying to find ways to engage people. Why? So I can show them a way out of their pain.

How can I possibly do that if I’m still in pain myself? Still confused, still trying to find the right path, still trying to create something that allows me to wake up every morning feeling blessed and looking forward to the day ahead.

What I’m attempting – does it really make my heart sing? Can I really turn it into a business?

Are you Making Any Progress?

If you’ve spent hours and hours, and weeks and months and even years, working on yourself to find the answers to your questions, how far down the track are you to achieving something? Anything?

Do you spend hours talking to Angels, Guides and Guardians, God (by whatever name you choose), the Universe, Great Aunt Martha’s Knickers? If you’re not receiving an answer, do you know why not?

Crystals and Personal Development

If you have invested heavily in crystals or Tarot or developing your psychic abilities, and have received no benefit, although others have, have you asked yourself why not?

And how much personal development have you done? Have you spent thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on trying to find the answers? And there you are, at the end of a 5-, 10-, or even 20-year period, none the wiser and poorer.

Do You Know What You Want?

Quite understandably, the people who know the answers, will be happy to inform you that nothing is happening because your intention isn’t clear enough.

You’re not accepting responsibility for yourself and your actions. You’re not taking control, and you’re certainly not stepping into your own power – in fact, you don’t even understand how much power you have!

Perhaps it is because you’re not asking for what you really want. Your belief system is askew. Are you working on the basis of other people’s values and not your own?

You’re more than capable of manifestation but you just don’t believe in yourself. You say, “It works for everybody else but not for me.”

And of course, the people who know the answers are right.

Who Can Give You Help?

Is there anyone, anyone at all, with whom you can talk any of this through? Another human being who will listen and try to help you find the answers?

I’m sad to say, at three o’clock in the morning, it’s unlikely to be someone to whom you pay vast sums of money.

But yes… there is always someone you can talk to about your feelings and perceptions – there is you! You are the only person who is always with you, even at three a.m.

Nobody understands you better than you. Nobody knows what is happening for you emotionally or mentally, or even physically, except you. You are the only person who knows your history and what it is you need to build the bridge to get over. You are it, my friend.

Life is about equal amounts of challenge and support. Learn to work with your higher consciousness, be true to yourself, and walk the path of love and light. Nurture yourself and learn to receive as well as give.

Incorporate it all into your business as well as your everyday life, and prepare to be amazed at the outcome – it will be the miracle you’ve been expecting!

Are you struggling with reinvention in your 60s? How are you finding purpose in your life? Who do you reach out to for answers and support? Please share your thoughts below!

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