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Eye Makeup for Older Women: How to Draw Attention to Your Beautiful Eyes (Video)

By Margaret Manning July 22, 2016 Beauty

It’s been over 2 years since Ariane Poole and I started working together on a series of makeup tips for older women videos. In today’s video, we will show you how to draw attention to your beautiful eyes.

Ariane is a professional makeup artist who has worked with celebrities and women around the world. Her goal is to always enhance a woman’s natural beauty with fun makeup products and smart techniques. I love her passion for “positive aging.”

Ariane and I have also recorded a makeup video series designed just for older women. Sixty and Me women have been enjoying them to learn how makeup can help to accent their aging faces. There are also a number of free videos as well.

Since Ariane loves to chat with the women in our community, every few months we reach out to the Sixty and Me Community and ask them for questions. This time, one of the top requests was how to draw attention to our eyes in a positive way.

Why Getting Your Eye Makeup Right is Important

Our eyes connect us to other people. They are so intimate. Making sure your eyes communicate the vitality and happiness you feel in your life is important. Ariane is passionate in her belief that some tricks with eye makeup can make all the difference. It’s all illusion anyway!

Ariane explains that, of course, we can’t erase the laugh wrinkles or make eyes look bigger. That said, there are a few tricks that highlight and enhance them.

Create a Simple Base with a Cream to Matte Eyeshadow

Ariane’s first piece of advice is to not overdo eyeshadow. Instead, create a soft natural base on just the eyelid. A little glitter is ok along the lashes, but, her advice is to start with a simple look.

We all have our “go to” eyeshadow. Mine is the Ariane Poole a cream eyeshadow, specifically Crystal Taupe or Cosmic which is a beautiful light purple. The nice thing about these products is that they adapt to each person’s skin and eye color.

Eye Pencils Can Transform the Eyes

There are lots of wonderful eye pencils on the market. Ariane has her own line of gel eyeliner pencils, which I love. They are creamy but long lasting. She also mentions that Urban Decay is another line that has some great products.

One of the most valuable things I feel Ariane did in this video was to show us how to actually apply liner. Trust me, it is very different than the way we applied liner when we were younger and our eyes had not begun to take on that “hooded” look. Her demonstration is just amazing!

She makes it sound so simple and it really is. Once you overcome your fear of applying liner, the impact is dramatic. Ariane’s secret with eye liner is to use your lashes as a guide. She says to “dab” it on the top lashes and kind of “connect the dots.”

Ariane offers two options for eyeliners. The first is a pencil which she applied using the “dot to dot” method. Just press just three times close to the lash line and do not go beyond the edge of the eye.

The second was a liquid felt tip which may sound a little scary at first. I always shy away from black, but, Ariane reminds us that the liquid liners come in different colors like charcoal and blue that are a softer look than classic black. She even demonstrates how to do a combination of eyeliner pencil and liquid.

Use Lashings of High Volume Mascara

When Ariane said to apply “lashings” of mascara, you could see her getting excited. She really believes this is a key to having “youthful” looking eyes (in the best sense of the word).

Older eyes lose lashes as we age, so, for Ariane, it’s super important that we put a good amount of a volume mascara on our eyes as a finishing touch. It’s not that we’re trying to look younger, really. We’re just trying to make our eyes pop.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color and Glitter on Older Eyes!

Ariane finishes our talk by reassuring us that is perfectly ok to use color and glitter on our eyes at our age. We discussed some of my favorite Bourjois products that come in bright purple, teal and blue.

She suggests we just use a little along the lash line. Think of color and glitter as jewelry.

Your eyes communicate your thoughts and, as many people have said, they are the “window to the soul.” I hope these ideas inspire you to play with eye makeup and give you the confidence to get out there and face the world.

Please keep sending your questions to Ariane and we will include them in our next series of videos.

Do you have any eye products that you absolutely love? Which of Ariane’s makeup tips for older women did you appreciate the most? Do you have a favorite volume mascara? Do you love to play with eye makeup, or prefer to focus on another part of your face? Please join the conversation.

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