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Two Fall 2022 Beauty Trends for Mature Skin

By Suzanne Blons September 02, 2022 Makeup and Fashion

Fall beauty trends, or any trend for that matter, are usually so kooky they are only wearable for 12-year-olds. OK, I’m being facetious. However, now that I’ve made that sarcastic observation, there are some trends this fall that are completely applicable for those of us with mature skin.

Just saying that makes my skirts fly up.

In this article, we are going to cover the sheer, translucent skin look, and the dramatic eyeshadow look and, while we have seen a lot of dramatic eyes last season, including long lashes, thick eyebrows, and black eyeliner, this one, coupled with more sheer skin, has a softer, prettier effect, in my opinion.

I will go over how to create the sheer translucent skin look, and then delve into how to bring out your eyes in a way that would flatter you most. Please watch the companion video at the top for my demo.

It’s All About Skin

Many of us break into hives with the idea of showing our skin when we walk out the door. Our facial skin that is. Although if you want to be a nudist, there is no judgment.

What do you do, though, with age spots, discoloration, and a dull complexion?

I have done many videos and articles about skin care so please refer to those for a more thorough explanation about skin care.

Having said that, skin care is 80% internal health, including gut health, and only 20% external products. In the video, I use a little hyaluronic acid and biomimetic mist to plump up my skin which I love doing in the morning. It makes my skin look not only plumper, but also brightens it a bit.

Another wonderful trick to brighten your complexion is to use primer. The primer I use is Jane Iredale Smooth Affair, which makes my skin look more luminescent and keeps my makeup on longer.

After that, I head into foundation and concealer. The trick with using foundation and concealer while maintaining the translucent effect that we are going for, means using products that are considered light coverage.

Try using a tinted moisturizer or a light to medium coverage base like Vapour Beauty Soft Focus Foundation. It comes under the clean beauty heading and leaves a lovely sheen to the skin. I only use it in the T-zone being careful not to overdo it.

Then I take my concealer and carefully spot-cover my age spots and around my eye area. The key here is using products that are not too heavy and using them in specific areas rather than being too liberal with them.

It’s All About Eyes

Without a doubt, the toughest area for most of us is in doing our eyes. It takes a lot of practice and also the right tools in order to create the look that many of us long for.

I start with making my eyebrows look a little bit fuller with Glossier Eyebrow Pen. This has to be done delicately, so that it doesn’t look weird. Looking weird as we get older is definitely not a goal. Although if you want to look weird there is no judgment.

Then I move on to eyeshadow and use every color in Jane Iredale’s Storm Chaser palette which includes beautiful mauves, purples, and silvers. For eyeliner, I use a Mac Cosmetic eyeliner pencil called Teddy. It blends easily and stays on all day.

The trick with blending eyeliner so that it looks soft is all in the brush. I use a MAC #233 Pencil Brush in the video to blend both the top and bottom liner into a soft smoky look. I use the eyeliner in my waterline as well as between my top lashes, being sure to make it heavier on the outer corners, while underneath my eye I’m careful not to overdo it.

With the eyeshadow, I apply the lightest shade and work my way towards the darkest in the palette. As a sidenote, one easy trick to make your eyes pop is to keep the outer edges of your eye area slightly darker than the inside. This has the wonderful illusion of pulling the eye up and out. And who doesn’t want our body parts to go up and out? Well not every body part that is. But I can certainly think of a few that I would love to have go up a couple inches without sticky tape.

Lashes are still a mega style statement. In whatever way works best for you, including layering your mascara on the upper lashes, false lashes, or extensions, you can make them appear thicker. In the video I use my favorite clean beauty mascara, Beyond Lash by Jane Iredale.

I once did a week-long photo shoot with a lash extension brand. At the end of the week, after working with at least 25 female staff and models, who all had mega lash extensions, I had lash PTSD. I’m joking, but really after that I could barely put on mascara. In any case, lash extensions can be just right for many of you!

I hope that you try these two looks, and if you do, please tell me what you think! I realize that having dramatic eyes takes practice, but no one is going to judge you if you walk out the door looking less than perfect.

In fact, I think it’s one of the wonderfully freeing things about being older. We care much less about what everybody thinks of us and no longer try to keep up with every trend. That is unless you’re 12.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What do you think about seasonal trends in style, makeup and skin care? Do you think we need to do more in makeup and skin care as we age – or less? What fall trends are you willing to try?

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Nice pretty look, but I can’t afford any of the products mentioned.

Maria Harvey

Love it. Looks great. Unfortunately I cannot find any of the products you used here in Portugal but I loved all your suggestions.


I’m sure you could find equivalent type products there, although I live in Ecuador, and can’t always find equivalent products. In any case I’m glad you enjoyed the video and article!


Love the relatable and cheeky advice. (Sticky tape, indeed! 😄)
Thank you for the clean product recommendations. I appreciate
the perspective re not chasing trends and embracing personal fabulousness!


Thanks Elisa! I had a very good chuckle writing that article. I think these are things that we all think, and it feels really fun and lighthearted to talk about them!


I haven’t worn makeup in almost 3 years! I work in Healthcare so wear a mask everyday. When I do wear it, I look so much more refreshed! I am going to need to buy all new stuff if we ever quit wearing masks.


Hi Kim, I absolutely hate masks! And the day we no longer have to pack them around and wear them I am going to go out and drink a full bottle of wine.


Kim, I hear ya! I work for a senior living community and we still have to wear masks. It’s been nearly 2.5 years…and we are all sick of it!

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Suzanne Blons, The Beauty Shaman, has been in the beauty industry for nearly 40 years. A former Revlon Charlie Girl, she is now a professional makeup artist and has worked with such luminaries as Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and Arianna Huffington. Today, Suzanne shares her beauty secrets on her YouTube channel, The Beauty Shaman. Check out her store, blog, coaching, and beauty courses.

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