Suzanne Blons, The Beauty Shaman, has been in the beauty industry for nearly 40 years. A former Revlon Charlie Girl, she is now a professional makeup artist and has worked with such luminaries as Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and Arianna Huffington. Today, Suzanne shares her beauty secrets on her YouTube channel, The Beauty Shaman. Check out her store, blog, coaching, and beauty courses.

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3 weeks ago

The Easiest (and Best) Winter Skin Care Regime

As I write this, it is 7 degrees and snowing in Boulder, Colorado, and we have just experienced devastating fires that destroyed over 1000 homes. Our house was spared, but across the street the housing development was leveled by fire…

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1 month ago

3 Fabulous Makeup Tips for Crepey (aka Crinkly) Eyelids

If there was ever a makeup dilemma that can make us scream out loud it’s crepey eyelids. Having had my share of meltdowns while applying eyeshadow to dry, crepey lids…

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2 months ago

Skin Care Stocking Stuffers: The One Item to Ask For (VIDEO)

The holidays are here, and I am overwhelmed. As usual. Having said that, I have found that the best strategy to deal with the epic onslaught of gifts to both give and request is to clarify and prioritize! Because I am neither organized nor disciplined…

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3 months ago

Which Foundation Should You Use for Dry Skin? (Winter is Coming!)

Winter comes, and everything starts cracking. The ice cracks, the leaves crack beneath my feet, and my skin starts cracking against the onslaught of the dry cold weather. This is not to say I dislike winter. On the contrary, I adore the soups, cuddling…

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4 months ago

Easy Fall Glam Smoky Eye Makeup (Step-by-Step)

Pull out your inner glamour-girl, we are doing a smoky eye! Nearly every woman I know and work with would love to have the smoky-eye look but struggles to apply it. In fact, one over 65 female talent I work with looks forward to shoot days…

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5 months ago

Back to Work Fall Minimal Makeup Look (WFH Will Dig It Too!)

Minimal doesn’t mean no makeup, nor does it mean using all browns so that you blend in with the wallpaper. You are wonderful, beautiful, and have too much to offer in this crazy world to blend in! Minimal means simple but stylish makeup that stands out…

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5 months ago

The Three Best Fall 2022 Makeup Trends (You Can Actually Use!)

Every season I am suckered into trying the new trends in makeup. Partly because it’s my business, and partly because it’s funny. Not ha-ha funny, mind you, but funny in that I would look bananas wearing most beauty trends that hit the market…

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7 months ago

Hollywood Glam Makeup Tutorial (with Marlene Dietrich’s Famous Look)

Marlene Dietrich, known as The Last Goddess by some, was a famous actress and singer from the 1930s through the 1980s. Her films include Morocco, for which she received an Oscar nod, and her personal favorite, The Devil is a Woman…

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8 months ago

Pretty Summer No-Foundation Makeup: The Australian Woman’s Beauty Guide (VIDEO)

Nothing compares to fish and chips on Manly Beach, or a holiday party in your bathers (swimsuit) at the ocean in Sydney, Australia. A country where BBQs just happen, beer is the national drink, and the men are alternate versions of Thor meandering…

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9 months ago

Love the Sun, Hate the Skin Damage? How to Look Sun Kissed Without the Sun

I’m so excited. It’s spring! If you’re like me, getting outside and enjoying nature, sunshine, warmth, and family are top of my list. With that though often come sunburn, skin damage, and potential dehydration we all want to avoid…

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