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Fall/Winter 2022/23 Fashion Trends for Women Over 50

By Sandra Roussy October 26, 2022 Makeup and Fashion

Fall/Winter 2022/23 fashion trends come on the heels of Spring/Summer 2022 trends where the world was crawling out of a pandemic that included some pretty gloomy times for everyone. The Spring/Summer 2022 colors were bright and flashy, and the shapes were adventurous and fun.

Fall fashions typically tend to be more earth colored and subdued, but this year we saw a lot of hot pink and neon colors on the Fall/Winter 2022/23 runways. The post-pandemic freedom is palpable!

Top Trends Fall/Winter 2022/23 for women over 50.

  1. Knee-high boots
  2. Bell Bottom Jeans
  3. Leather/Faux Leather jackets
  4. Blazers
  5. Belts
  6. White Shirts & Tanks
  7. Long Coats
  8. Maxi Skirts
  9. Sequins
  10. Plaids

While trends are not attached to a specific age range, some fashion trends are simply not feasible for women over 50. What I like to do is look at the big picture at what is trending, then break it down to make it accessible for fashionable older women.

Fashion and luxury lifestyle blog Glamour and Gains founder, Eve Dowes, offers a good example of this. She says that she doesn’t really believe there’s any such thing as dressing for a certain age but one thing she has been asked by her older clientele is for styles that cover more of the arms or that offer lower heels.

With knee-high boots and over-the-knee boots being a big Fall/Winter 2022/23 fashion trend, one suggestion would be to go for a flat boot with either a thin sole for a classic look or chunky lug sole to be more fashion-forward or a small heel versus the platforms that are trending now.


Sixty & Me contributor and fashion blogger, Jodie Filogomo, gives us her views on Fall/Winter 2022/23 trends.

“Different silhouettes of jeans. Personally, I think it’s fabulous to have a variety of silhouettes in our closet. The skinny jean will always be a classic style now since they are easy to tuck into boots and act as a thicker legging. But many times the bootcut jeans and wider leg jeans fit us older women even better. Many of the newer versions of these jeans will have some spandex, so they will be just as comfortable.

The best way to make them work in your closet is to find inspiration from Pinterest or other women and be open to new looks.”

NYDJ Teresa Wide Leg Jeans

NYDJ Teresa Wide Leg Jeans

“Leather. Leather and faux leather are great for so many reasons. For the colder weather, they act as better insulation. And my favorite aspect about them?? The pet hair doesn’t stick to them. Just think of them as the perfect option for pet lovers!!

If you haven’t embraced the leather trend yet, I would start with a shirt or shacket. You will be surprised at how much you love them!”

Michael Kors Plus Size Faux-Fur-Collar Leather Moto Jacket, Created for Macy's.

Michael Kors Plus Size Faux-Fur-Collar Leather Moto Jacket, created for Macy’s.

“Blazers. I’m so excited that blazers are a huge trend for fall because it’s such an easy way to give any outfit an upscale vibe.

If you’ve thrown out all of your work blazers, don’t fret. The second hand stores can have a huge selection. And don’t think they need to be boring. You can always DIY some embroidery or any kind of extras onto the blazer to make them less “professional” Just as I did here with one of my work blazers. Best of all, many of the newer blazers are a knit material, so they are comfortable and easy to move around in. Think of putting them on instead of wearing your denim jacket.”

Photo: Jodie’s Touch of Style
Photo: Jodie’s Touch of Style
Knit Blazer at Talbots

Knit Blazer at Talbots

“Belts. Belts are one of those underappreciated accessories. I know many of my friends shy away from them because of the weight gain in their midsections. Yet as Lesley showcases on my site, any woman can wear a belt. I would start with the thinner belts and try wearing them under a cardigan or shacket. One trick is to take a selfie wearing the belt and not wearing the belt and compare the two. Sometimes the outfit is better with it, and sometimes without.”

Photo: Jodie’s Touch of Style
GIANI BERNINI Cobra Chain Logo Stretch Belt

GIANI BERNINI Cobra Chain Logo Stretch Belt

More Fall/Winter 2022/23 Trends

White Shirts/White Tank Tops

Crisp white shirts and also white tank tops can be seen in most collections. Wear them with blue jeans and trendy boots for the perfect fall look.

Long Jackets and Coats

Long and oversized coats are seen in several collections in an array of colors, from tan to bright pink.

Maxi Skirts

Everything seems maxi this season, including maxi skirts.

Animal Prints

Go wild with animal prints. Animal prints never really go out of style. They are a staple print and can be worn practically any way. Yet, in some seasons they seem to be more popular than others. Fall Winter 2022/23 is one of them!


Time to glitter and shine! Sequins are all over and are not limited to the holiday season only.


Plaid patterns of all colors can be seen in blazers, pants, skirts, shirts, and jackets.

You probably have some items in your closet that fit right into this season’s trends. Mix and match and have fun with your outfits.


Let’s Have a Conversation:

What is your favorite trend this season? Where is your favorite place to shop for new trends? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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Arleth White

Fashion trends keep evolving and changing, and that is why they come and go. However, this can also mean that it is challenging to stay current with such trends as they are constantly updating and introducing new styles. Fortunately, there are several ways for those who want to remain up-to-date with fashion trends without necessarily taking much time out of their busy schedule. If anyone is looking to get a specific type or style of clothing then Forever Young could be a perfect choice.


I love your styling advice. I’m just curious why this is a website for fashion over 60 and the models clearly aren’t.

Barbara Leary

I wonder the same thing. Doesn’t project much confidence, does it? And I note that the site hasn’t addressed your comment.

Vanya Drumchiyska

Hello Barbara. We really do understand, but we can only work with what is available. As stated in my response to Margaret, you should reach out to your favorite online stores and let them know you feel misrepresented.
All the best,

Vanya Drumchiyska

Hello Margaret, thank you for your comment. The images are taken from online stores. Unfortunately, as you probably know from your own online shopping experience, finding models in the 60+ age group is near impossible. If you feel misrepresented, as we all do, you should reach out to your favorite online stores and let them know that you feel that way and that it is their responsibility to include models of all ages, body shapes etc. Many thanks!
Vanya, 60 & Me Editor


Loved this article! I have never seen any leather or even faux leather jacket that didn’t look great on anyone regardless of age! I’m happy to hear its trending now. Also the variety is great. If you don’t care for some items, no matter…there’s a lot to chose from!

Sarah Hendricks

i am starting to get a laugh over all the suggested clothing types women of a certain age should be wearing because they ALL contradict each other One “expert” says NEVER wear capri pants and the next “expert” says capri pants are a must. One says “never wear a scarf to add color to your wardrobe” and the next says “scarves are a godsend to bring color and excitement into your wardrobe. One says “go for skinny jeans” and the next says “never wear skinny jeans”. I guess I’m happy to be old enough to make my own decisions as to what is right or wrong FOR ME and not need an “expert” telling me what the next “expert” contradicts. But thanks for sharing YOUR “expert” advice!

Sandra Roussy

Thanks for your comment, Sarah. I’m glad “you do you” because that is the point of being our age and knowing ourselves enough to fully understand what we enjoy wearing. Nowhere in this article did I mention that you should “never” wear a certain type of clothing. This is an article about seasonal trends and how we can incorporate these trends into our lifestyle as we see fit. 

I’m not sure where you read the contradicting statements about capris and scarves that you mention. Certainly not in this article. But you are right that you should wear what you truly feel comfortable wearing no matter what anyone says. I’m a firm believer in that!

My articles on Sixty & Me come from my 25 years of experience as a fashion designer and how I communicate with women our age about how we view fashion and our bodies. I enjoy following seasonal trends and breaking down the basics so our readers can appreciate having the option of incorporating them into their lives as they wish. That being said, fashion is always an individual and subjective personal choice.

This is a conversation. A conversation I expect to be positive and uplifting to women. Anyone can add their thoughts about seasonal trends on this thread. I especially enjoy hearing ideas about how our community of women chooses to uniquely blend these trends into their lifestyles. 


It depends where you live. What I would wear in the deep south, USA is nothing like what someone would wear in California or NYC. Climate dictates.


You are so right on! Sarah. You are able to wear almost any article of clothing today and if you can pull it off, you are comfortable in it, you believe it works, wear it, work it. I have seen some hideous outfits on tv, etc that people rave over. Wearwhat you love, others may wear it too, or not. Be happy!


I agree 100 with you. I will always wear WHAT I WANT.
Who are these people?????

I’ve seen a lot of women wearing large bell bottoms in NYC recently but I think it would be unflattering for me. I love wearing blazers and trench coats and can’t wait for our LA weather to allow for them again! I love the way you pair your blazer with jeans and with a pink tulle skirt! Lots of great inspiration here – thanks!

Sandra Roussy

I love blazers also! Thanks for your great comment. :)

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