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Fashion Over 50: 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Create a Truly Captivating Vintage Style!

By Sixty and Me October 06, 2019 Beauty

If you are looking for ways to update your wardrobe, vintage is a sure fire way to design an alluring look that will work for both everyday and special occasions. For fashion after 50, looking back through time for inspiration can be the beginning of a new future you! It’s a very on-trend look for older women as it can work for all shapes and sizes. Enjoy today’s interview with Mel Kobayashi!

In today’s fashion over 50 interview Bag and a Beret’s Mel Kobayashi and Margaret Manning chat about the timeless appeal of vintage style and how it is breathing new life into fashion for older women!

What Is The Appeal of Vintage Clothing for Women Over 50?

Vintage looks are the hot new trend in fashion for older women. Margaret likens vintage clothing to beautiful old buildings and architecture with ornate designs due to their level of detail. Vintage pieces often have gorgeous, subtle features you don’t see in mass-produced clothing such as unique buttons and lace collars.

Just like women over 50, these vintage items are unique and beautiful with an innate quality. They are ideally suited to compliment older women in a way off-the-rack clothing never can.

Other people might walk past these pieces, but there’s nothing like wearing vintage couture, imagining yourself in a bygone era when times were simpler!

Aren’t Old Clothes Old-Fashioned?

One of the best things about fashion for mature women is you are absolutely allowed to throw out any pesky rules! There is no rule to say vintage only goes with vintage.

Mel’s hot tip in today’s fashion over 50 interview is to mix old with new.

Mixing a beautiful vintage velvet jacket with a ripped t-shirt or funky boots is fine – it’s your show! By the same token, if you feel like wearing a vintage 50’s dress with a pair of Mary Jane shoes, go for it!

If there is a rule, then it would be this: do what makes it fun and brings you joy.

How to Breathe New Life Into Something Old

When rummaging through the racks at a thrift store, you might come across a beautiful vintage item that might not entirely be your style. If you love enough about it – for example, the color, fabric or workmanship – it might still work for you if you think outside the box!

If the piece looks dated or odd in any way, it might not be as hard as you think to up-cycle them. Shortening a hem or cutting off a sleeve can be a fantastic way to create a truly unique piece.

An up-cycling project can be a fantastic way to fill a rainy afternoon, and you appreciate something you’ve had a hand in creating more than something that looks and feels impersonal. The connection to items you’ve had a hand in creating can be satisfying and give you a feeling of achievement.

The best part about making something old new again is you’ve also played a role in reducing landfill!

What types of vintage clothing appeal to you? Do you have a favorite era you could imagine yourself in? Where have you found your best couture vintage bargains? Do you have a much-loved vintage piece you can’t live without? Let’s have a chat!

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