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3 Fears All Older Women Face… and How We Can Conquer Them

Women over 60 are used to dealing with stress. Over the course of our lives, we have raised families, navigated careers, built relationships and travelled the world. Many of us have experienced a divorce, separation or death in the family. Through it all, we have emerged stronger than ever.

In a previous article, we discussed how our fears about the past, present and future can stop us from reaching our potential after 60. Now, I would like to turn our attention to more emotional concerns. Life after 60 can be anything that we want it to be – but, first we must conquer our fears and look for meaning and purpose in everything that we do.

Here are 3 of the most common fears women over 60 face and what we can do about them.

Anticipation of Rejection

More women than ever are living alone, either due to the loss of a spouse or a divorce. Many people think that the solution to social isolation is to “get out there” and make new friends or to join a dating site. There is nothing wrong with these options, but, it’s also to remember that dealing with loneliness starts by loving yourself.

Once again, the best way to deal with stress is to focus on the things that you can control. Remind yourself that you can’t control what others think of you but you can control what you think of yourself.

Learn to be your own compass. Ask yourself what it would take for you to feel great about yourself.

Do you want to get in the best shape or your life? Are there passions or hobbies that you want to pursue with vigor? Have you always wanted to write a book? Stop worrying about other people, and just do it!

There is an irony here, of course. The more we focus on being the best person that we can be, the more others want to be around us. Even better, by pursuing our passions, we are more likely to meet people that can be a positive influence in our lives. Don’t wait for someone else’s permission to follow your dreams. Get started today!

Fear of Loneliness

As the results of our Sixty and Me loneliness survey showed, loneliness is an issue that affects many women over 60. In fact, 75% of the women in our community said that they feel lonely.

If you are dealing with loneliness, my message to you is simple – it’s not your fault. Loneliness is one of the biggest social problems of our time and you are not alone in your feelings of isolation. I hope that you will read our other articles on loneliness, which have plenty of suggestions for how to deal with this important issue.

Worry About a Lack of Purpose or Meaning in Our Lives

For most of our lives, our routines have been built around others. We have managed households, navigated careers and raised children. Now, in our 60s, we finally have time to think about our lives without having to worry about others.

This is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, for the first time, we are able to pursue our passions. On the other hand, many of us are left with an “empty” feeling. We wonder what we are supposed to do with our lives now that the busyness has ended.

No one can tell you what the meaning of life is in a spiritual sense. But, in a smaller sense, I found an answer that makes sense to me. The meaning of life is to live. Each of us has unique talents and dreams. Maybe you have lost touch with your over the years, but, I promise that they are still there, below the surface, waiting to be rediscovered.

Don’t be afraid to explore and dream again. Start a diary. Read widely. Sit in the park and think about how you can contribute to the world. Then, take small steps, every day, to make your dreams come true. You are an amazing person, with so many things to offer the world. Don’t let life after 60 pass you by in a flash. Your life is precious, so, make the most of it!

What are your greatest fears now that you are in your 60s or older? What practical steps have you taken to address your fears and live life to the full? Please join the discussion in the comments section.

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