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5 Tips to Gain Energy Over 55 Naturally!

Feeling sluggish, tired, and run down? It doesn’t have to be that way! It can be so tempting when you are feeling run down to drop on the couch and binge a show on Netflix or stop by your favorite coffee shop for another drink. Let’s discover a few healthy ways to improve your energy and vitality naturally!

Energy Creates Energy 

When you are feeling tired and blah, the last thing on your mind is movement. But moving your body is one of the best ways to increase your energy. I know you’ve experienced this before. You didn’t really want to work out or join a partner for a walk but once you get moving, you realize how good you feel and the feeling continues throughout your day.

Moving your body, whether you decide to dance it out to a song in the kitchen, go for a quick walk in fresh air, go through a few yoga movements (or a flow), or get a little sweaty with a strength workout, helps bring oxygen to your muscles and your brain, increases endorphins and happy hormones, and even give you more energy at a cellular level in your body.

Need a little inspiration to get moving, try this workout:

Energy Friendly Nutrition

Our body craves comfort food when we are feeling run down. But oftentimes these foods are high in fats and sugars, which lead to a temporary feeling of energy and then an even bigger crash. Be sure to fuel your body with lots of fruits and veggies and lean protein as well as complex carbohydrates.

 Your body needs carbohydrates for energy, especially if you are working out or exerting yourself. Too many times when I coach women over 55, they are afraid to eat carbs and are so restrictive with their diets, not allowing themselves to eat enough throughout the day.

They often experience afternoon energy drops and cravings in the evenings, which is a big signal that you are not fueling your body with enough protein, fiber, and healthy carbs early in the day. Try focusing on fueling your body with a nutrient rich breakfast for a week and see how you feel! 


Did you know that about 40% of people, especially over 55 are chronically dehydrated? Even mild dehydration can affect your mood, energy levels, and your ability to think clearly. Maintaining proper hydration also helps with your digestion, brain function, motivation, and can also reduce cravings!

Carry a refillable water bottle and be sure to get a good drink each time you look at your phone or start or finish a task. Add lemon or fresh fruit or cucumber to your water to entice you to drink more. Start your day with a big glass of room temperature lemon water, add some ginger or even a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to wake up your body! 

Develop an Evening Routine

Getting enough restful sleep is so important for our energy levels. This is often a struggle for women, especially in midlife and beyond. Set yourself up for a successful night of sleep with a winding down routine. This routine may start as early as dinnertime.

Eat a slow-release carbohydrate for dinner such as sweet potato, quinoa, or brown rice. Avoid vigorous exercise in the evenings. Find the routine that works best for you to help you wind down for a fully restful night of sleep.

Here are some ideas:

  • dim the lights in the evening, ensuring there is enough light to walk around safely 
  • reduce the use of electronics or use blue light glasses 
  • read a book before bed (I strive for at least 10 pages a night) 
  • journal to calm your mind and empty out your thoughts or worries from the day
  • write down three things you are grateful for each evening 
  • try some gentle stretches in bed or before bed
  • listen to a guided meditation or practice deep breathing 

Finding an evening routine that works for you is personal but can be so rewarding and helpful to set you up for a successful night of rest. 

Check out this video where I share some gentle stretches to help you wind down in the evening before bed.

Create Positive Social Connections

If we have learned anything the past few years, it is the importance of staying connected. Having healthy relationships and activities can help to keep your energy up, reduce your stress levels, improve your cardiovascular health, and is good for your brain health!

Be mindful about the people you spend time with, and, if you are looking for more connections, try a new activity, hobby, or club, or join a group workout program online, like our virtual workout community for women over 55, or in person near you. 

While it can be tempting to fall into routine, comfortable patterns that feel good for the short term, like comfort foods and binging TV, there are so many healthy ways to improve your energy!

For more ways to improve your energy, download my 5 Day Energy Challenge and Workbook!

Do you feel more energized after a walk or other type of workout? What type of exercise or lifestyle choice gives you the most energy in everyday life?

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