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10 Things That Aren’t Coming Back with Age – And 10 New Ones That You Can Discover Now!

By Penelope Jane Whiteley January 15, 2023 Lifestyle

I know almost every woman over 60 bemoans certain assets they had previously, which are no more. One woman’s loss isn’t necessarily your own but most of us can empathise if not sympathise.

I know this because I have very thick hair and am always saying things like “my hair is uncontrollable when it’s short.” More times than I can remember the reply is, “Oh, you’re so lucky; mine is really thin.”

It’s a case of “one man’s meat” etc.

All of which means that this list of the 10 things that aren’t coming back is quite personal. Other things not on this list I know I share with like-minded-same-age-women. I have also included a little advice to younger girls.

10 Things That Aren’t Coming Back as We Age

Gorgeous Glowing Skin

You want to keep it? Don’t smoke, wear sunblock, drink water, and laugh a lot.

Long Flowing or Short Attractive-Looking Hair

Find a good hairdresser and stick to them! The secret used to be in the cut, but with new-found hair, it’s about someone who can help you.

Easy-to-Care-for Toenails

Toenails become thicker and tougher, and you may end with corns and bunions and the like. The solution is a fabulous podiatrist.

Sweating Only When the Weather Is Really Hot

It can be a moveable feast… you’re too hot or too cold. Finding a happy medium can be very tricky even though you’re done with menopause. Buy good deodorant, use good moisturiser, and carry a fan.

Patience with Idiots

Especially those who live on the other end of your phone call. I have no suggested solution here.

Getting Things Done Quickly and Efficiently

What happened to that? I seem to recall being told, aeons ago, that computers would make life easier and less full of paper. Really? If you want something done, do it yourself.

Understanding Anything Technical… Even If You Were a Real ‘Techie’ in Days of Yore

This is a common point of anguish for many of us. Find yourself a 12-year-old who is happy if you throw $10 around.

Non-Troublesome Feet

Aaaaah… those days when you could wear the shoes you loved without praying for a chair. This is the same as toes, really, and the solution is, yet again, a really good podiatrist and sensible shoes. Trainers are good, and you can turn them into a fashion statement.

Eyelashes and Eyebrows

They just fade away as part of the natural attrition of ageing. There are various things you can do, including microblading eyebrows or permanent coloured eyeliner or even false eyelashes. It’s wise to be careful with all three, and make sure you have reliable beauticians.

10 New Things We Can Acquire

A Relaxed Attitude to Organisations Who Seem Determined to Do You Wrong

This can be hard. It’s all about breathing and finding the humour.

Caring About the Planet

It’s time for our generation to stand up and be counted. We must take the time to learn what we have done and what we continue to do, and change our ways. We need to help those who don’t seem to understand what climate change means to them and their family. Becoming an eco-warrior!

The Desire, the Ability, and the Wherewithal to Speak Up… at Last

Stop over-thinking; it’s okay not to know all the answers. Acknowledge that what others think of you is none of your business. The list goes on …

Control of Your Life

Finally! You’ve spent most of your life living within the expectations of others, and now is the time to stop that. Deepak Chopra says, “Don’t step outside the box, throw the box away.”

Saying NO… Without an Explanation

Because you can and because it’s important to help create your new attitude.

Not Worrying Overly About the Way You Look

No, I don’t mean looking like a bag lady, but I do mean creating a system for yourself that allows you to leave the house looking clean and tidy and put together.

Becoming Fearless

So often, everything we do is fear-based. As we age, we really need to replace the fear with ourselves! As whole, beautiful women.

Living Your Own Life

We no longer have to ask for everybody’s opinion before we do something. It’s nice if we have their approval but we can make up our own minds.

Giving TIME the Time to Heal

There is no time limit on healing. It has nothing to do with anyone else. The time it takes is the time it takes, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Wearing Shoes That Are Comfortable

They may not be glam or what you’re used to, but the bliss of foot comfort cannot be over-exaggerated.

I would love to know the 10 items you would choose for both lists. We are each unique and have our own beliefs and perspective so please, share your thoughts on this subject.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What things are never coming back for you with age? Are there new things you have gained as the years went by? Please share your own lists below!

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Yes i just love the ‘idea’ that what others think of me is no longer my business, to be fearless YES, urinating in the wee hours of the morning (im always doing that ugh😎), but dealing with it and the “bliss of foot comfort ” really truly cannot be overstated. While all these things are true and come with a bit of “oh no another thing happening after 60” these also bring a smile to my face because I remember as a girl I used to think why do people get crabby and grumpy when they get older I now know why it’s because we hurt a little bit we are actually in a little bit of pain at least I am but I deal with it and I have to laugh through it honestly I do so I hope all of you have a sense of humor and just go through it and deal with it and say yes I did it and yes I made it through all of this and I am better for it love & peace ☮️ to all of you beautiful ladies out there. Yes i am from that generation, peace ☮️ and love 💕✌️

Penelope Whiteley

Thank you for your lovely comment Lotus … it really made me laugh!

Penelope Whiteley

I have just re-read your reply Lotus and, as you say, it’s all so true! And it certainly isn’t what I expected!

Sue Loschiavo

Hi Jane – believe me I hear you! I used to get up at night 2 sometimes 3 times a night, then I stopped drinking water after about 7.30pm and that helped a lot! If you drink when you get up it will just go right through you and you will have to pee again in a couple of hours – good luck!!! Sue💕💕

Penelope Whiteley

I lived in India for a while Sue (don’t ask!!) and I learned to let not a drop of liquid pass my lips 35 mins before I went out (you don’t want to try and find a usable toilet in India!). Works at night too!


I am never going to sleep right through the night again. I usually need a pee at least once and still wake up even if I don’t. I can sleep 7-8 hours a day but not all in one go. On these occasions I tend to get up, have a cup of tea and read for an hour or so and then I go beck to bed and I sleep a few more hours.

Penelope Whiteley

In truth, the problem as we age isn’t that we don’t sleep as well, we just can’t do it in 7 or 8 hour blocks. But if you add it all up (I fall asleep at my desk for example!) it works out at 7 – 8 hours!

Annie Boston

Girdles, stockings, heels, dresses, skirts, slips! Moving on to more relaxed and casual. Not over spending on clothes. Plus no more satchel purses. Thoroughly a cross body lady.

Penelope Whiteley

Tee hee hee! What did we do before we started wearing cross-body bags?!?!

Mary Falkowski

Great article. Made me laugh, especially about the idiots!

Penelope Whiteley

I’m so pleased Mary … it made me laugh when I wrote it!

The Author

Penelope Jane Whiteley is the self-appointed Queen of Aging Disgracefully. A writer, international speaker, clothes designer, stylist and traveller, she helps other women to live their lives on their own terms. Her courses include “Lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes,” “The Reboot,” “Just Write the Damn Book.” Find her on, Twitter, and Facebook.

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