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“Graffiti Grandmas” Show that Hobbies for Women Over 50 Are Evolving

By Kari Henley June 24, 2016 Lifestyle

If you are feeling in a rut, or a bit lonely, one of the best cures is to try something new. Or, you might want to delve deeper into a creative outlet or hobby that you already have.

The freedom of not being tied to a full-time job or raising children offers unparalleled opportunities to explore our inner heart’s desire.

Today’s theme is Carpe Diem! Go for it! Sometimes a hobby can turn into extra income and it almost always offers lots of fun.

Rediscovering an old hobby or indulging in a new one is one of the healthiest tools for ongoing wellness. Being creative in any form taps into an expressive highway directly to the soul and creating something of beauty or function not only brings joy; but also uncovers a tribe of others who share the same passions.

Immersing yourself in a hobby or passion brings a natural connection and exposure to others who love it as well. This can lead to friendships, travel partners or even long-term housemates.

One of my favorite stories this month comes out of Lisbon, Portugal. It’s about a painter-gone-rogue.

Graffiti Grandmas? Why Not?

Luísa Cortesão was a painter and crafts artist. She was drawn to graffiti-style street art and decided to try it herself. Remember – carpe diem! Why not?

She loved it and formed a group called Lata 65 “graffiti grandmas.” Now Lisbon has gained a cadre of gray haired deviants tagging the city with their own special flair.

Lata not only means “can” in Portuguese, but also means “nerve.” Watch how having the nerve to spray a can on a dejected city wall creates joy for all:


My favorite quote from Luísa is: “Don’t let anyone tell you that you are less because you are old – you are more.”

So, dear Sixty and Me readers, what are your favorite hobbies or inner creative desires? Here’s a little survey to get you thinking, and I will bring back the results in the next post!

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The Author

Kari Henley is the Director of Community Relations for SilverNest, a unique roommate-matching service for Boomers and Empty Nesters with space to share, and is working on a documentary about positive aging stories from around the world.

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