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Grey Matters! Go Grey in Style with These 4 Tips

By Sixty and Me May 10, 2020 Interviews

Deciding whether or not to embrace your grey hair is a dilemma nearly all women over 60 eventually face. Do you continue to dye your hair the same brown, red, or blonde shade you’ve worn for years, or is it time for a change? Will going grey make you look old, or can it actually look sleek and modern?

As Denise McAdam, a well-known hairdresser in the UK with over 40 years experience, recently explained to Margaret, the old canard of the grey-haired old lady has no validity in today’s world.

Denise has worked with many celebrities and members of the royal family, and she offers lots of tips and advice on her website. The Queen even awarded her the Royal Victoria Medal, showing the royal family’s appreciation for her service. Lucky for us, she’s here to explain how beautiful grey hair can be.

A Regular Trim is Just the Thing!

Denise continually emphasizes the importance of keeping your hair in good shape, which means having it trimmed regularly. Sometimes all you need is a “dusting,” where your hairdresser cuts off only the damaged ends of your hair, to keep it looking good.

The right haircut is also essential. The style you had 30 years ago just doesn’t work any more. Consider going shorter than you’re used to, maybe add layers so your dark hairs blend in with the lighter ones.

Polishing Grey Hair for a Youthful Look

There are some wonderful products out there that can help keep grey hair looking shiny and beautiful. However, Denise cautions against using anything too heavy. Just a little serum rubbed between your hands then lightly applied to your hair is usually all you need.

Denise has worked with numerous beauty companies and products, and she has some favorites. She loves the Joico range, especially their shampoos for blonde hair, which can give grey hair an added sparkle. She also loves KMS dry shampoo and Wella Luxe Oil.

Transitioning to Grey Hair the Right Way

Sporting grey hair doesn’t mean you stop coloring altogether. It also doesn’t mean you dye your hair a particular shade of grey and just wait for it to grow in. After all, women usually go through a “salt and pepper” stage before becoming completely, naturally grey.

According to Denise, finding a great colorist, one who wants to work with you while you transition to grey hair, is essential. Find someone adept at using lowlights and highlights to keep your natural mix of dark or blonde and grey hair looking stylish and uniform. And remember that your skin tone is vastly different from what it was in your 20s, so make sure you take that into consideration, too.

Healthy You, Healthy Hair

Denise believes that your hair is a barometer for your entire body. If you keep healthy in general, it’ll show in your hair. That means getting enough exercise, eating a healthy diet, and drinking plenty of water.

Cardiovascular exercise is especially beneficial as it increases the blood supply to your scalp, which keeps your hair healthy. Water has the added benefit of being great for both your hair and your skin.

You also might want to consider taking certain supplements that can affect the health and look of your hair. Denise recommends B12, B6, and biotin. Also, Imedeen makes an anti-aging beauty supplement that is a particular favorite of hers.

Going Grey for a Modern, Stylish You

Although it can be difficult for some of us to banish the old stereotype of what it means for a woman to go grey, taking proper care of your hair from the inside and out is really all you need for a more natural, yet updated look. Rather than looking old, grey hair can be beautiful, stylish, and liberating!

Will you make the switch to grey hair?  Or is the thought of switching from your current color just too stressful for you? How do you think going grey would make you feel? Let’s have a chat!

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