Have you heard the concept of 2021 being the year of the older woman? I believe it’s true. I love the thought of us embracing our age and all of the wonderful parts of having lived these years. In fact, there has never been a better time to go after what we want, especially when it comes to health improvement.

As I write this in the United States, we have just elected the first woman vice-president and at 78, our oldest president. This is more proof to me that this really is Our Time.

The Attributes of the Older Woman

We may not realize it, but we have developed many attributes that have made us strong. Years of living have helped us develop real humility, focus, empathy, and resilience. These attributes should be embraced as reasons that we are ready for growth now more than ever.

We have developed humility from mistakes we have made. We don’t have the youthful know-it-all illusion. We recognize that we have faults. We know that we are stronger at some things than others. This knowledge is priceless. We can strengthen what we need and want to OR accept our shortcomings and plan around them.

We have increased focus as we have learned to recognize our true priorities. We know ourselves better now and what is important to us. This wisdom allows us to eliminate the unimportant, giving us more time and energy to focus on what we deem worthwhile.

We have deeper empathy from our losses and disappointments. We are able to recognize pain in others and ourselves with greater clarity and acceptance.

We are resilient; we are still here through whatever lessons life has taught us.

It is time to recognize and use the power within us to develop these attributes further.

Still, We Face Hurdles

What may keep us from knowing and using our inner power to improve our health?

Believing That We Don’t “Deserve” a Better Life

Please don’t scroll past this. We all think we feel “deserving,” but let’s check that. Do you honestly agree with each one of these statements?

  • I am willing to feel short-term discomfort for my future self.
  • I am willing to spend money on improving my health (courses, gym membership, coaching, etc.) and I am willing to accept help from others.
  • I am worth the time, money, and energy this will take even though I might not have succeeded in the past.
  • I am willing to make others uncomfortable when they are not receptive to my better, different choices. I do not try to please everyone.
  • I know that wanting more for myself is not selfish or self-centered.
  • I am confident in who I am and what I want for myself.

Being Afraid to Fail

We may forget that we have a few failures under our belt by now. Remembering our failures and how we have survived and even thrived in spite of them should help us eliminate any fear of failure that might still be around.

Forgetting to Have Fun

I firmly believe that if an action is not fun, it won’t stick. Being powerful is fun! Being in control of your life is fun too!

Unleash Your Power

Once again, it is time to recognize and use the power within us, that we have created over the years.There is power in planning and power in consistency. There is power in not feeling like doing something and doing it anyway.

If you are not making the health improvements that you desire, don’t use your age as an excuse; use it as a propellant. Use your years of experience and life to your advantage. Now is a great time to do the things you thought were not possible.

If you want to learn to use your power to work on your health commitment you can get my worksheet here.

Do you view your age as an advantage when trying something new, or trying something again? Or do you use your age as an excuse? What have you learned about your older self? Have you made a commitment to better health? Please join the discussion!

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