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4 Hiking Outfits for Women Over 50

By Sandra Roussy November 07, 2022 Makeup and Fashion

Do you enjoy hiking? Hiking can include strolling in your local area or traveling internationally to trek mountains. Whatever your level and lifestyle, you need appropriate clothing and shoes to make sure you are comfortable and safe.  

Hiking is one of my favorite activities. I love researching hiking trails in my area and going as much as I can. I use the website and app All Trails to find interesting trails that are reviewed by hikers for their difficulty and other characteristics. 

Breathable and comfortable clothing is key to enjoying your hiking. Nothing throws you off course more than an ill-fitting top that makes you sweat profusely or shoes that cause blisters. 

That doesn’t mean that you have to wear old sweats and ugly running shoes either. Many brands have specialized in modern and comfortable hiking apparel – many using innovative UV protection and moisture control materials. 


I have put together a few hiking outfits for women over 50 that I hope can help you hit the trails comfortably and stylishly. 

Casual Day Hike – Pretty in pink! 

Casual Day Hike – Pretty in pink!

Heading out for a casual and easy day hike? This outfit will keep you cool and dry and still looking feminine. 

Tropical Weather Hike – Beat the Heat!

Tropical Weather Hike – Beat the Heat

Hiking in the heat carries its set of challenges and that’s why it’s important to wear proper clothing to keep your skin cool and dry. 

Cold-Weather Hike

Cold-Weather Hike

Hike in cold weather with tech gear that doesn’t bulk but keeps you warm. 

Multi-Day Hike

Multi-Day Hike

Pack a few more items when going on a multi-day hike. Make sure all your items match and that your pack is big enough (but not too big).

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Which outfit do you like best? Where do you like to shop for your hiking clothing? Where do you like to hike? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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