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Holiday Red Lipstick Makeup Look for Women over 60

By Suzanne Blons December 08, 2022 Makeup and Fashion

I love the 1940s, where the style for women was a red lip, classic twirl hairdo, Mary Janes, skirts, and tidy jackets. Red lipstick, though, is more a challenge to pull off as you get older because it can easily make you look like a garish tramp. Not the look most of us are going for.

How can you wear a festive, bright, and happy red lip and look current, stylish, and, well, gorgeous? In this article, I will go over the focal points to keep in mind as you do this, and in the video, I walk you through step-by-step instructions that anyone can emulate. Let’s do this!

It’s All About Balance, Baby

Have you ever applied red lipstick, like at a makeup counter in a store, and then quickly removed it because you looked like a tramp? Then you developed the opinion that red just doesn’t look good on you.

This is one of the many ways we become stuck in one viewpoint with what works and what doesn’t work on us, and then we get bored. Red lip gloss, like the Berry Red by Jane Iredale I use in the video, is very wearable on many skin tones, even if it does take a little courage to try it.

Or you can go for more of a cherry red if you prefer, as opposed to blue red. Many of you are more comfortable and look better in rose tones which work well in this style of makeup application as well.

The main issue I find with older women wearing stronger and brighter colors is the idea of balance. In order to pull off more powerful looks, you almost always have to strengthen your eyebrows. This could mean adding thickness, definition (like getting your eyebrows professionally done), or even an eyebrow gel for greater shape.

It’s like magic; you change your brows, and suddenly a whole new world of lipstick shades opens up to you! (Dramatic music now plays, and you toss all your neutral, boring, brown lipsticks in the garbage with glee.)

How to Warm It Up

Depending on your skin color, the reason red can look garish is because you need to warm up your skin with some bronzer. Some of you go crazy with your bronzer and have too great a contrast from your normal skin tone, so again we are back to this idea of balance.

A few points to keep in mind when buying bronzer: use a shade that is one to two shades darker than your skin, avoid any with shiny bits of glitter as it can set in fine lines, and apply it like I do in the video, going slowly so that you use just the right amount.

If you have a thin face, my advice is to avoid contour and stick with a little bronzer applied on your cheekbones, forehead, and maybe under your jaw. That way you warm up your skin and add definition without heading toward the dead Halloween tramp look. You also will need to use at least some peachy blush to have that lovely, glowing, healthy look tramps somehow miss.

Glitter, Glamour, and All That Jazz

OOOOOHHHHHH how I adore a little glitter! I’ll be 95 years old and have on red lipstick, gold glitter on my eyes, and maybe a spikey purple hairdo, but that’s for another day. To end the boredom of old eyeshadow, toss on some glitter.

In this instance, we are dealing in gold, but if you go for a cherry red lipstick instead, you can dip into the silver glitter for a few giggles. Just pop the shiny bits right in the center of your eyelid, and blend together for a soft but playful look. You can also add some glitter to your collarbone, lip gloss, and even your nail polish! Ah, heck, just roll in it, it’s the holidays after all!

Red lip gloss, glitter everywhere, and not a tramp in sight. You are fabulous, gorgeous, and a bringer of all things beautiful this holiday season. Toss everything that bores you, and have a hot toddy with all your pretty bright colors around you. Happy Holidays!

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Are you planning to wear makeup for any holiday gathering? Have you considered the red lip look? Why or why not? Would you try following this tutorial? Please share the results!

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When I let my hair go white, I needed a “soft red” lipstick, almost a rose or pink-red.
Now my hair is dyed blonde, but I still have dark eyebrows so I tend to like more of a sheer burgundy red. I have a light complexion so I steer clear of garish colors in both make-up and clothing. I have never wore glitter and never will.


Hi Bethany! No glitter! (The glitter faeries weep:) Anyway, it sounds like you have a good handle on what looks good on you. I play a lot with haircolor and lipcolor as well, and it’s fun!


How do you help diminish the look of bags and dark under eyes?


Great question! That’s a whole tutorial in fact. I will run that idea past the wonderful ladies here on 60 and Me so that I can address that in my next article/video. Having said that, if you go to my YouTube channel @suzannethebeautyshaman and type in CONCEALER I have created a few tutorials already on the subject. Happy holidays!


Thank you so much! I am going to youtube now to watch. If you have any info on concealers with caffeine and if that works well, I’d love to hear about that as well. After speaking with a lady who does makeup for brides, she suggested that. But since she’s in her 20’s, I’m sure she doesn’t have as much experience with this as I have. Thanks again! I look forward to seeing all your videos!

Jan Briski

Beautiful! What do you suggest with eyebrows when wearing glasses?


Hi Jan, it really depends on how much the glasses hide your brows. In the end, I always go for a balanced look. If you have fairly thin and transparent frames, then you can play more with your brows. The idea is to not have your eye area be too heavy with the brows and glasses.

Joyce Troyer

You look gorgeous. There MUST be a typo. Your article says you are going to be 951?//


Hi Joyce! The comment about my being 95 is a referral the future! I am 56 right now:) WHEN I’m 95, I’ll have purple hair and red lips and curse a lot . . .

Alison Shackell

Love it! Am into that cherry red lippy today…plus eyebrows & bronzer 😀


I love a good cherry red lip! Nothing like popping some color and glitter:)


Yes i will be wearing makeup and yes I will wear red lip stick and yes I am going to watch the tutorial.


YEAH! Go for it Carol!

The Author

Suzanne Blons, The Beauty Shaman, has been in the beauty industry for nearly 40 years. A former Revlon Charlie Girl, she is now a professional makeup artist and has worked with such luminaries as Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and Arianna Huffington. Today, Suzanne shares her beauty secrets on her YouTube channel, The Beauty Shaman. Check out her store, blog, coaching, and beauty courses.

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