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How to Apply Makeup for Grey Hair (Video)

By Margaret Manning April 19, 2020 Beauty

Many older women are choosing to embrace their natural hair color and go grey gracefully. If this sounds like you, you may be wondering how to adjust your makeup techniques to get the most from wonderful new look.

So, to get some insights into this topic, I turned to my good friend, Ariane Poole. Ariane is a professional makeup artist and she has a wonderful perspective on positive aging. I hope that you find her advice useful!

Going Grey Doesn’t Make You Invisible

In my latest video interview with Ariane, we discuss several makeup products and techniques that are perfect for women with grey hair. Armed with these tools, there is no reason for you to be invisible in a world filled with brunettes and blondes!

How to Apply Makeup for Grey Hair

Ariane explains that most women with grey hair are still using the techniques and makeup products that they used when their hair was much darker. For example, if you are still using neutral brown makeup shades, you may be inadvertently hiding yourself from the world.

When it comes to eye makeup for older women with grey hair, Ariane that we consider charcoal grey and purple shades. Another option is navy blue, which is often more complimentary for women with grey hair than black. Or, if you want a softer look, you can stick with grey.

Many eye shadow palettes are perfect for grey haired women. In our interview, Ariane reviews a few that she likes, including some from her own makeup line. She recommends that we check out her Riveria eye shadow palette – especially her cream to matte eyeshadows in Gravity (purple) and Cosmic (grey). Personally, I think that the Ariane Poole Mystic eyeliner pencil creates a perfect eye makeup combination!

Are You Blushing? You Should Be!

As we get a little older and start to go grey, we should consider using blush and not just bronzer. For example, we can apply a pop of pink, dusty rose or coral. In the video, Ariane gives some great examples and warns that Beige lips are generally not a good look.

Your Most Important Beauty Accessory is Confidence

If you have chosen to embrace your grey hair, you are already demonstrating your confidence. Makeup is the same way.

Rather than trying to “cover things up” or “fight the aging process,” makeup for older women should be all about making you feel great.

You are already a beautiful, radiant woman on the inside. I hope that the makeup techniques in this video help you to show off your glowing personality on the outside.

Do you use makeup to cover things up or fight your age? Or do you like playing with makeup to feel great? Please join the conversation.

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