They say that women our age shouldn’t care about looking good. They say that we should burn our jeans, leggings and… well, pretty much everything else. Well, who the heck are THEY anyway? I say that it’s possible to be chic and stylish (in our own ways!) at any age.

So, in this morning’s show, I would like to talk about the art of finding your own personal style at any age. It’s not about adjusting our look to please others (unless we want to). It’s about looking the way on the outside that we feel on the inside!

Do not let the world choose your colors for you! Paint your own story. Our “Live Your Passions” scarf offers a gentle reminder that YOU are the artist.

How would you describe your personal style in 2 words? What does “being stylish” mean to you? Has your opinion or fashion and style changed as you have gotten a little older?

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