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How to Feng Shui Your New Over-60 Persona in 5 Simple Steps

By Terri Nesbitt November 12, 2022 Lifestyle

In our 60s, our lives change in many ways, as we move from old roles into new ones. Workers may become retirees, or go from full- to part-time work, or change careers entirely.

Parents may become grandparents, wives and mothers may become entrepreneurs, the homebound may become world travelers, and relentless givers may develop stronger boundaries and find more time for self-care. Married people may become single, and singles may begin looking for love once again.

Our bodies change, our hormones shift, and our outlook may go through a complete overhaul, as our perspective transforms from middle age to senior status; from the worker bees to the elders of the tribe. The transition from who we were to who we will become is complicated and takes some time.

Changes Are More than Superficial

While this is clearly a personal, internal transition, who we are in the world and how others see us also changes as we move through our 60s. People may start making all kinds of assumptions about who you are, how you live, what you like, want, buy, feel, think, know, and can do.

Do you feel others assume that you are out of touch, technologically illiterate, or sad and lonely? Do you see people your age only represented in ads for pharmaceuticals and walk-in bathtubs?

On the other hand, do people in your life expect you to continue on exactly as they have come to know you, not recognizing or accepting that you are transitioning into a new time in your life?

In truth, we are changing, but not always in the ways other people imagine, and that can be pretty frustrating.

Remember Sally Field’s acceptance speech in 1985 after winning the Academy Award for Best Actress? “You like me!” she cried. “You like me!”

She said that she’d had an unconventional career and wanted, more than anything, the respect of her peers in the Academy. Finally, she had the award proving that she had earned it.

At the time, she took a lot of ridicule for her excited cry, but it was a moment of honesty we don’t often see. We all want to be respected, recognized, and yes, even liked. Most importantly, we all want to be seen as we think we are, and to have other people’s respect and affection for us to be based on that.

The Red Zone

In Feng Shui, there is an area of your home that corresponds to your Fame/Reputation in the world.

Whether or not you know where your personal brand is headed yet, or who you want to become in this new era of your life, enhancing this area can activate the energy needed to help others see you in the best possible light during this transitional time.

It can help dispel your frustration with how others see you and what they expect from you, as well as prevent the formation of negative or inaccurate images of you.

Begin by thinking of your home as a nine-square grid. The bottom line of the grid is the wall of your front door and the top line is the back of your home. The center back square of the grid is your Reputation area.

This is the area you will work on in five easy steps. Even if your home is U- or L-shaped, and your Reputation area falls in your patio or backyard, you can still use all of these steps.

Clean and Declutter the Area

Fix, remove, or replace anything that is broken, such as burned out light bulbs. Give the area a good cleaning, remove anything you no longer want or need, and make sure what remains is tidy and well-organized. Most importantly, you should love whatever is there.

See Red

Red is the power color of the Reputation area and includes the entire range of reds, from burgundy to tangerine, maroon to fire engine, rose to brick, ruby to candy apple, so you have plenty of choices.

You can add reds to this area of your home in artwork, rugs, pillows, furniture, flowers, or curtains, for example. (It wouldn’t hurt to wear some red, either, if you want to.)

Use Shapes with an Upward Tip Point

Add triangles, pyramids, or cones, the power shape for the Reputation area. You can add this shape in fabric, furniture, or tile patterns, or in artwork and objects such as coasters, dishes, clocks, vases, or planters.

Feel the Burn

The power element here is Fire. If you happen to have a fireplace or stove in this part of your home – or a firepit or outdoor grill, if your Reputation area happens to be outdoors – that’s great. But you can also add this element using candles (they do not have to ever be lit, and in fact, you can choose LED flameless candles, if you wish), and lamps or light fixtures.

Windows or skylights that let in bright sunlight are also good, as are images in art such as sunbursts or fire. Since water douses fire, avoid having much black or reflective surfaces here, which symbolize the Water element.

On the other hand, Wood fuels Fire, so a bit of green and tall, columnar shapes – symbols of the Wood element – can work well here.

Express Yourself in a Positive Way

Finally, add positive, happy images that reflect who you are now or who you want to become. These might be photos of yourself doing work you want to do, traveling, or pursuing hobbies you want to take up or continue.

The list includes anything from yoga, dancing, writing, tennis, hiking, swimming, drawing or painting, photography, singing, wine tasting, camping, horseback riding, learning a language, or taking a class in anything that interests you.

Add objects that symbolize your authentic best self and any awards or recognition you have received for accomplishments you want to focus on now and in the coming months or years.

Stay grounded in the present and future when choosing images and symbols for your Reputation area, and feel free to change them as you and your life evolve.

Accept Recognition

During the transition of your 60s, you may not know precisely who you are or who you are becoming, but that in itself is part of your current identity. You are a person in the midst of change, and you can be that for as long as it takes.

Having other people see you and treat you with respect along the way can only help as you navigate this transitional period of your life. Feng Shui your home’s Reputation area and be ready to receive respect and recognition for who you are now and who you are in the process of becoming.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

How is your over-60 persona changing? Do you like the changes you’re seeing? Have you tried any of the Feng Shui tips listed here? I’d love to hear about your results! Let’s talk!

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Terri Nesbitt

Hi Susan. Generally, I would say that the door most often used by the residents is where I would place the front wall of the bagua. But it really does depend on the exact layout of your home, the placement of the garage and its uses, etc.


Please continue to translate the Feng Shui bagua into this format. It’s nice to see it this way! thank you!


If you have 2 doors leading into your home, a “front door” and the mostly used entrance from the garage, which do you use as point of reference when placing your red zone?

The Author

Terri Nesbitt reinvented her after-60 self as a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Feng Shui Consultant. She combines her passion for writing and for helping people live their best lives via blogging. Terri is a member of the International Feng Shui Guild.

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