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Swimsuits for Older Women: How to Find a Flattering Bathing Suit

By Sixty and Me May 12, 2023 Beauty

Why is finding attractive bathing suits for older women so difficult? After all, women over 60 are a huge market. You’d think that bathing suit producers would be lining up around the corner to sell to us. Unfortunately, this isn’t yet the case.

The good news is that there are still places to find bathing suits for women our age. We just need to look a little harder.

  1. SARONG FRONT ONE-PIECE SWIMSUIT – Best-selling one-piece swimsuit from Swimsuits for All offered in a variety of colors and prints. 
  2. V-NECK FLOWY TANKINI TOP – Flattering loose-fitting tank top and shorts from Swimsuits for All.
  3. OASIS CAFTAN – Trendy multi-print cover-up from Miracle Suit. 
  4. HALTER TANKINI TOP – Halter tops are flattering and timeless.
  5. MESH-INSET WRAP SWIMDRESS – Swim dresses are perfect if you want to cover up more.

Where Are All the Bathing Suits for Older Women?

Women in their 60s might remember a song by Brian Hyland that expressed a challenge that we still face today. “Itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie yellow polka dot bikini,” captured the terror that many women feel when they think about wearing a bathing suit in public.

It was funny at the time, but, as we get a little older, many of us become especially sensitive to our body image. We still love going to the spa and enjoy visiting the beach with our friends and family, but many of us feel nervous about showing our bodies in public.

Of course, much of the problem is in our own heads. We are much harder on ourselves than the rest of the world is. At the same time, women our age face a practical problem as well – finding flattering swimwear for older women is much harder than it should be.

So, how does a woman over 60 find a comfortable and fashionable bathing suit that will cover up a little unwanted weight? Where can she find a style that creates a flattering look? Fortunately, in recent years, designers have started to think about how to create swimwear that meets our needs. They still haven’t taken the step of showing older women in their advertising, but that’s another story.

So, if you’re looking to hit the beach or the pool, here are a few places to look for flattering bathing suits for older women. If you have any other suggestions, please add them in the comments.


Find the Perfect Bathing Suit for Your Unique Shape and Size

There are several great places to go for inspiration. Swimsuits for All is a great online site offering a “Fit and Flatter Guide.” You enter your measurements and choose from bathing suits that can enhance a small bust or support a large one. It also offers designs that hide hips or slim your tummy. With one-piece, skirt bottoms and swim shorts, this site offers a lot of choices.

Check out their helpful measuring video.

Take a look at a few of their best sellers.





Don’t Be Afraid to Embrace the Quirky and the Unconventional

There are opportunities for women over 60 to be a little non-traditional with their choice of flattering bathing suits. You can wear running shorts or tank tops with built-in bras, or swimming shorts with a halter top or t-shirt. There are no rules that say that you have to wear matching tops and bottoms. For example, you might try a solid bottom and floral top.

You can also find many wonderful cover-ups and sarongs to leave on if you are not planning to swim. You can remove cover-ups when you are settled on your towel and have made your entrance comfortably.

Zappos carry a wide selection of cover-ups.

Miraclesuit Oasis Caftan

Miraclesuit Oasis Caftan



Flattering Bathing Suits Swimsuits for Older Women

Shop for a Size that Flatters Your Body

Whichever style of bathing suit you select, it’s a good rule of thumb to go for a bottom that’s one size bigger than you wear with your regular clothing. Having a little extra material will reduce curves and divert the eye from your own perceived problem areas. If your chest is a lot smaller than your bottom half, it’s best to select a top with a bit of substance.

Look Beyond the Bikini – Skirtinis, Shortinis, Tankinis and Swimdresses

You are not stuck with the choice of a bikini or one-piece anymore. There are some fabulous choices for older women. The tankini is a bathing suit that combines a tank top and a bikini bottom. It’s like a one-piece but with the convenience of a two-piece. If you want a little larger bottom, there is the Shortini which is a Tankini top and shorts on the bottom.



Flattering Bathing Suits Swimsuits for Older Women

We, here at Sixty & Me, love swim dresses. They’re like a traditional one-piece bathing suit combined with a short mini skirt. It’s great for hiding tummies, thighs and hips.



Flattering Bathing Suits Swimsuits for Older Women

Focus on the Parts of Your Body that You Love. Don’t Over Analyze Perceived Flaws!

The most important advice that we can give you when choosing a bathing suit is not to focus on your perceived flaws. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you are way harder on yourself than the rest of the world. Like any other aspect of beauty for women over 60, choosing a bathing suit should be fun. It should be about looking and feeling your best, for your own sake, not anybody else’s.

Almost everyone is anxious about their body, no matter how young they are. So, have a bit of fun with it. Embrace your curves, accept your beautiful older body and enjoy your friends and the sun (remembering your sunscreen of course!).

Places To Shop for Swimsuits 

Here is a list of places where you can find swimwear for older women.

Swimsuits for All – As the name suggests, Swimsuits for All has a vast selection of swimwear and accessories for all ages and body types.

Catherine’s – Catherine’s swimwear section specializes in plus-size items.

Lands’ End – Lands’ End swim section is packed with options for older women at very affordable prices. 

Miracle Suit – Miracle Suit creates trendy swimwear with a unique and innovative fabric, Miratex®. The fabric delivers three times the control of ordinary swimwear fabrics. 

Speedo – Reputable brand for athletic swimwear.

Tommy Bahama – A staple brand for everything tropical.

Summersault – Trendy swimwear for women of all shapes and ages.

A Rant on Fashion Models

Many of you have commented about not being represented by the models in the photos. We hear you! There is, unfortunately, ageism that exists in the fashion industry. We have seen the industry slowly shift to more realistic and less photoshopped bodies in the past years.

But we are still hugely misrepresented – they use young models even when they are trying to sell to women our age. For example, see what turns up when we search “Swimsuits for women over 60” on Amazon. Not a single woman over 60 in the photos. 

In the meantime, I suggest you write to your favorite designers and retailers and express your need to see older models with real bodies. Hopefully, the retailers and advertisers will take into account that we are a huge demographic for their products and that they will begin to use models that represent us and our bodies. 



Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you feel nervous wearing a bathing suit in public? Or are you completely comfortable in your skin? Where do you think are the best places to shop for flattering bathing suits for older women? Please leave your comments below.

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I cannot find 1 bathing suit that fits correctly. Either or everything: back fat, side boob flopping, cheeks showing which is disgusting. I am just too angry to look anymore. Ordered 3 suits on Amazon it was horrifying. I’m 5’8″ 194 46-44-46 but I have a lower belly pouch which I cant stand! So I reckon I’m not going to the pool anymore or I can always wear my old worn out suits and not care if they are see-thru from wear. I can always wear shorts and a t-shirt but then when I get out the t-shirt will show my fatness! I hate myself! I hate these bathing suits they are making now. It seems like showing private parts is the new trend! How unGodly! It puts out the vibe that these girls are looking for a good time and that’s just not how God wanted us to be. OK I’m done! Pissed off! Going inside to play with my birdies.


Depending on what you are looking for – if you prefer a one piece (or two piece) Scarlet Avenue has a few great offerings. Definitely have a more modern look if that is what you’re looking for and some offerings come in size 3x.

I call myself “medium”, others would not. I wear 1x, and it is difficult finding places that have modern “in-style” looks. Open to other recommendations..

I always mention Scarlet Avenue due to their plus-size options


Why are these models not 60+?


At 117 pounds, I am considered a thin 69 year old, but my skin is saggy, and tops and bottoms seem to dig in and create puffs of skin in unflattering places. I need coverage at my back, and a high waisted bottom. I am in good shape for my age, but my skin tells a different story. I love to swim! I love the ocean! What do I wear? What looks best on me is a long sleeve swim shirt and a high waisted bottom. But that kind of shirt can get hot in the summer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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