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How to Find the Blush and Lipstick Colors That Will Make You Look Radiant in Your 60s

Once you have discovered the undertone of your skin, you are ready to go in search of the lipstick and blush color – or colors! – that will brighten your complexion, enhance your whole appearance and possibly become life-long favorites or “signature” looks.

And, as an added bonus – when you find the best colors, you’re unlikely any time in the future to hear the phrase “you look tired” when you’re wearing your new “go-to” lip and cheek colors.

So, here are some thoughts and guidelines which I hope will make the process of “the hunt” a bit easier.

Try Lots of Different Colors!

Be prepared to visit a number of different department store makeup counters or head to a Sephora or Ulta store that carries a wide range of brands. Most of all, be prepared to try on more lipstick and blush colors than you ever realized might work for you.

And, let’s be realistic, you may have to make more than one trip to stores to try out lipstick colors and blushes. It’s rather akin to searching for a new perfume, but in this case, you can only deal with so many different colors at one time. I promise though, finding just the right color will be worth it!

Try colors out when you’re wearing little or no other makeup on your face.

If your natural lip color is quite dark, be aware that you may have to go a bit brighter, or brighter and lighter than you’re used to in order to find a color that really “pops” for you. Or, find a lip gloss that can brighten and lighten the look.

Test the lipstick color on your lips and the blush color beneath your cheekbone, not on your hand, wrist or arm. Since our lips are a different color than any other part of our body, we need to put the lipstick color on our lips to get a true “read” on what it will really look like.

Work with an Associate and a Friend

Be willing to work with a store associate who can suggest a few colors to begin with and can completely sanitize the products before you try them on. If you’re uncomfortable sanitizing products, check on the return policy of the store and take home a few colors that you think will work the best.

In fact, always check on the return policy of the store before purchasing any makeup product. And if you can, take a friend with you who will be absolutely honest with you.

Matte or Shimmer?

Stick with matte blush colors, no shimmer or glitter.

Do the opposite with lipsticks. Avoid mattes and stick with luminous lipstick formulations. Matte formulas can dry out our lips and age us. Or, if you absolutely fall in love with a matte lipstick color, find a gloss that you can put over it to make it come alive.

Try out glosses on top of the lip colors. They can lighten and brighten and add even more luminosity to colors which will make a world of difference.

Step outside your “comfort zone” to test-run some colors that you may not have tried or considered before.

To decide between two colors, put them next to each other – each one covering half of your upper and bottom lips. If you put one on the top lip and one on the bottom lip, chances are you’ll rub your lips together which will defeat the purpose of the comparison.

If you’ve narrowed down the colors and are trying to make a decision, shine your phone flashlight on the color and/or walk to an area of the mall or store to look at the color in natural light.

Take a picture of the colors as they appear on your face with your phone and look at them later. Just as you can be a more objective editor when you leave a piece of writing and come back to it later, you can be more objective when you look at the photos later as well.

You’ve Found It!

When you find and wear your Holy Grail colors, don’t be surprised if you hear comments like: “What have you done differently?” “You look so rested!” “Did you change your hair?” or “Wow, you look great!” And best of all, you can feel the confidence that comes with looking your absolute best.

And by the way, if after all your hard work the color should be discontinued, don’t despair. There are companies which “have your back” and can re-create your color from a sample. Awesome!

One Last Thought

Please know that what I’m sharing are simply guidelines. Feel free to wear and enjoy any and all colors that make your heart sing. We’ve certainly earned the right to have that kind of freedom and joy at this stage of our lives.

What have you found to be your most complimentary makeup colors? Do you have a favorite lipstick or blush that always generates a compliment? Please share your experience testing different makeup colors, and how you felt when you found the one that worked perfectly for you.

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