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My Fab Makeup for Mature Women: “Less is More” Summer Look and Tutorial

By Margaret Manning June 18, 2019 Beauty

When it comes to facial makeover, it’s really important to have fun with different products and experiment with various color combinations. Join us in this demonstration to see how Margaret applies the products and techniques of Ariane Poole. Enjoy the show!

Makeup for Mature Women: “Less is More” Summer Look and Tutorial

Hi, everyone. I’m Margaret Manning, your host at Sixty and Me. We’re a community of women over 60 who are living with passion and purpose, doing the best we can to make the most of this wonderful time in our lives.

I love to do makeup and beauty videos along with a lot of other content that we provide on our website and YouTube channel. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that people like my makeup videos because I take a different approach than traditional beauty bloggers.

In fact, a couple of months ago, I was contacted by journalist Candice Perez who was writing an article for The Guardian Observer Magazine. She chose to feature Sixty and Me, and me as a representative of our community of women who are looking at beauty, fashion and makeup in a different way.

We’re not trying to look younger, and we’re not anti-age. We’re just trying to have fun with makeup and use it to highlight the beautiful things about us.

When she interviewed me, I was very honored to be featured and to be able to give a voice to women over 60 who love experimenting with new makeup products to bring out the inner beauty, wisdom and self-confidence we have gained through the years.

In today’s video, I will share some products from the line of our very good friend, Ariane Poole. Ariane is a makeup professional who’s been working with both celebrities and real-life women for many years. She’s over 60 herself, and she has shared many valuable techniques with our community.

Recently, she sent me a bundle of her newest, and some well-tested older products, and I got a chance to have fun experimenting with them. If you are interested in any of the products, please read on to get to the list of products.

Being thoughtful, Ariane included products in several different color choices. I’m wearing beige and brown tones today, so I’m only going to try the makeup colors in peach as that would complete my look nicely.

In previous conversations, I’ve asked Ariane whether we should match our makeup to our eyes or clothes, and she said that it could be either or both, depending on what brings out the best in us.

I have hazel eyes, so I can very easily go the purple-pink route. The undertone of my skin is neutral, and this allows for a peach or pink color. So, be sure you know your skin undertone as it plays a role in determining the color tones that look best on you.

To give this tutorial relevancy, I’m wearing no makeup at all. I’m going to pull my hair back a little and just play with some products.

Every morning, before I start putting anything on my face, I first apply my facial oil. I’ve tried different ones, but finally stopped on this one, and I’ve been using it for years. It’s called Growing Younger Gracefully by Sheena Sarles, and there’s also a body oil you can use.

I put a couple of drops on my hand, rub my palms together, then pat the oil over my face. This oil isn’t oily at all, but it does give my face a light, very pleasant tingle, and I love it. When I apply it, I pull my skin up a little, always using gentle motions.

For this demonstration, I will try to use Ariane’s techniques that she’s taught us before, but if you have your own techniques that work for you, you’re welcome to use them instead.

Usually, my facial oil is my primer, and I don’t go too far beyond that, but Ariane has sent me one of her new primer products to try. It’s lovely, and you don’t need to use much of it. So, I’ll just squeeze a teeny bit on my finger, then dab it on my face.

The purpose of the primer is to tighten the pores a bit to give you a canvas to work with. I actually put it on my eyes and up on my forehead as well, but I don’t try to do everything perfectly. To me, makeup is a fun activity I want to enjoy – and I hope you feel the same way.

So, I don’t usually use a primer, but Ariane sent me one of her new foundations to try, and it requires a primer. I’ve shared before that I use her Ultimate Face Tint a lot. It’s a very lightweight foundation that’s a BB cream, CC cream and primer all in one. It’s a lovely product.

This new foundation she sent me is in the form of a stick, and it comes in different tones. The one that matches my skin tone is the sand one, so that’s the one I’m going to use. It comes in a tube, and I know Bobbi Brown has one like this, too, but I’ve never used Ariane’s before.

I apply it by drawing lines with the stick, starting from the middle of my face going outward. This way, I don’t have to do one section of my face at a time, and I’m able to blend it in all at once. Then I just dab it gently, softly patting my skin. I’m also going to put a teeny bit on my eyes and then up on my forehead.

For a cream foundation, it’s super, super light, but you feel like you’re putting something on. It gives you some sense of color. And that is pretty much what I would apply on a normal day.

Ariane also sent me her concealer palette which she uses religiously because she’s got very high color on her cheeks. I’m just going to use a teeny little bit of it to cover the age spots on the sides of my upper face. You can mix the colors together to get the exact tone you need, then pat it where you need to.

It’s also good to know that Ariane’s products have an SPF by default. I don’t know what it is for the foundation, but she’s pretty meticulous about that.

Another cool product that Ariane often advises about is her Mineral Illuminating Pen, which can be used as a concealer around your eyes. Now, I don’t normally use concealers because I know my bags and wrinkles won’t go away by makeup magic, but this pen has a very nice illusion effect.

When you put it quite low on your eyes, almost on your cheekbone, you could actually see it reflects up. I’m going to tap it in, and the effect it leaves is a slight glow that pumps up the eye area a little bit. It brightens up the eye really nicely.

To me, makeup application isn’t about hiding anything. That’s not really the point. The point is having fun and experimenting with all those wonderful products.

I’m big on eyes, so that’s what I’ll do next.

Ariane has got some fabulous eye shadow products. They’re liquid-to-matte, so when you put them on they’re liquid, and then they change to matte. She sent me five colors, and they are all amazing. Amethyst is the purply one, there’s also Aurora, Graphite, Crystal Taupe and Topaz.

In the past, I always used the Crystal Taupe, and it was my go-to eye shadow. It’s a beautiful color and very neutral so you can build on it with something more sparkly or a different color, like the Urban Decay I use.

Today I’m going to try the Topaz. It’s got a nice applier, but I’m used to putting a little of the liquid on my hand and just dabbing from there. I feel that this gives me more freedom in application.

I pat it gently on my eye lid, without going into the crease too much. It’s very light, but it’s got beautiful color and texture. And it’s cool how you apply it wet, but it turns to matte when it dries. You can build the color up, and I think it goes nicely with most eye colors, including brown and hazel. It’s not intense, and it’s quite beautiful.

The next thing is eyeliner, which I normally don’t do because I’m not very good at it. Ariane, though, has got some gel eyeliners with really pretty colors. She sent me four of them, but she probably has more in her collection. The ones I have are Graphite, Sienna, Brocade and Majesty.

I’m going to try the Brocade one because it struck me as a neutral brown color, and it’s lovely. I don’t use Ariane specific technique, but it’s really quite easy to apply if you don’t stress about it. Start in the corner of your eye and gently dot across then pull the line to the end.

You don’t have to worry about creating a perfect line because your mascara will later make it work beautifully. I know people who wear glasses sometimes get nervous about applying eyeliner because it feels like you’re going by touch, and you are. But this gel liner goes smoothly, and you don’t have to tug at your eye.

Then comes the mascara. Ariane sent me two mascaras: one is waterproof and the other isn’t. I’m going to put the regular one on, and it has a volumizing effect which Ariane always stresses on. It’s got a relatively small brush, though it’s got lots of pull.

Just go down to the base of your eyelash and pull up. I can feel it’s got a moisture effect, it’s not a dry mascara, so you can feel what you’re doing.

Now that I’m finished with my eyes – the windows to the soul – I’m going to work on my eyebrows. Eyebrows always drive me crazy. I have very thin, graying eyebrows but Ariane’s got this new eyebrow mascara product that is super cool.

It’s the same size as a lipstick, and it’s got a tiny little brush. So, start off by gently going across the eyebrow, from the inner side toward the tail. The brush has got tiny hairs, and it kind of pulls the brow up to give you a nice, natural shape and a little bit of volume.

It really makes a huge difference, and the color is lovely. It’s not a boring taupe either. Some people really like to accent their eyebrows, especially with how trendy big and dark eyebrows are right now. But I think, for older women, it’s nice to just keep them calm. For people like me, who struggle with eyebrows, this mascara is just wonderful.

When it comes to cheeks, I really love Ariane’s Sunset blush. It looks pink in its container, but once you put it on, it just looks natural. I use a small slanted brush that is perfect for this purpose.

Don’t take too much blush, though. I made that mistake the other day, so now I’m only taking a teeny amount. Dab it on starting at the apple of your cheek, then pull it back a little to the side of your face. This technique works for me very nicely.

I think this is a beautiful, natural color. It doesn’t look like you’ve pasted on a different color that doesn’t match your skin tone. It’s lovely.

Finally, I’m going to do my lips. First, I apply a lip liner, and I usually use a Kiko’s liner, but I’m going to try Ariane’s for this demonstration. It’s called Holly Berry, and I would put it on like I normally do: around the lip line, but a teeny bit outside of it.

This color is a little darker, but it works with all lipsticks. It has got a bit of a glow to it, and it feels a little frosty when you apply it. It’s got an interesting glow as well.

I’m not going to wear pink lipstick this time. Ariane sent me two options: one is pink and the other one is peachy/coral toned. I’m going to use the peach one because it looks really pretty. It goes on so smoothly, almost like a lip gloss, but it’s got a texture and the color of a lipstick.

I’m really happy with the color combinations and with these wonderful new products. That is the thing I like about makeup when applied naturally – it just looks like your natural self with a bit of a glow.

I hope that you found this demonstration useful, and I’ll see you again next time.

All Ariane Poole Products Used

Foundation – Sand
Mineral Illuminating Pen – Light
Eyeshine Eye Shadow – Topaz
Eyebrow Mascara
Blush – Sunset
Lipliner – Holly Berry
Lipstick – Hydrating

Which makeup product gives you a very hard time to apply? Have you found any techniques that work really well for you? Please share your questions or tips in the comments below.

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