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How to Improve Your Life as You Go Through the Stages of Retirement

By Stan Corey July 16, 2019 Lifestyle

I have now made it through the first two weeks of my ‘retirement’. One thing I realized is that I was already starting to lose track of the days but was saved by my pill box! As long as I remember to take my pills each day, then I’ll remind myself of what day it actually is.

A Fun Wake Party

My second week of retirement went very well as it started off with a fun event. We went to the second “I am not dead yet” wake party called, “Still not dead.” The lady hosted the first one two years ago and thought it was time to have another.

This is a woman who really enjoys life and at age 80+ – she never discloses her true age – still rules the roost even if it is at a continuing care retirement community.

Of course, she had her two daughters and their families present, along with many of her friends from the CCRC and several other friends who came to celebrate with her.

Why have her own wake party, you might ask? Well, she wanted to hear what people were going to say so she could edit their remarks! The gathering had all of the normal wake appetizers along with wine and soft drinks. It was a hoot!

What kinds of social events do you enjoy? Do you still want to party like in the 60’s? We all have heard that having fun and having a good sense of humor are key factors to a longer, healthier retirement. So, why stop at age 60, or 70 – or even 80 or 90?

10 Suggestions to Improve Your Retirement Life

What are some of the things we can all do to improve our retirement lives as we move through the stages of retirement? Here are ten suggestions that I have heard from clients, some approaching age 100.

  • Keeping your mind active is as important as keeping up your physical condition. Read books or magazines, and consider taking classes at a local community college or University.
  • Be happy. You have no time to be around unhappy people – they just drag you down with them!
  • Try new things. You never know, you just might like it!
  • Engage with other people as companionship and comradery are essential. Friendships are sometimes hard to develop later in life, but it takes two to make it work. Go out to dinners, visit museums, go to a Rock’n’Roll concert, attend grandchildren’s sporting events and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and holidays with family and friends.
  • Get outside, breathe fresh air, explore and travel.
  • Pets (especially dogs) can make you feel better by just seeing them wag their tail, purr or swim around. One person had her grandson show her how to download an app on her smart TV that showed a coral reef fish tank with many different tropical fish swimming around. There’s no upkeep, and she used the sounds as a way to relax or just enjoyed watching the fish.
  • Join a civic club in your local area or get involved with a community organization.
  • Be around young people and play games together. You have much to offer them, and they have much to offer you.
  • Hand-write notes to family and friends, especially thank-you notes. This is becoming a lost art but is so worthwhile doing. Handwritten notes become keepsakes for many.
  • Enjoy each day to the fullest. Maintain a calendar and fill it up with things you enjoy doing.

When was the last time you organized a party? What about a theme party? Oktoberfest and Halloween are just around the corner! Have you made travel plans for 2019? What are you waiting for? Let’s have a blast and share our greatest retirement experiences in the comments below!

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The Author

Stan Corey is a retired Certified Financial Planner Professional, Chartered Financial Consultant, and Certified Private Wealth Advisor and has worked with many individuals, families, and small businesses for almost 40 years. He has published two books, The Divorce Dance and When Work Becomes Optional. His current project is a series of short stories for children about life on the water, called “Sailing Adventures of Mac Brown.”

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