In my recent video, Ariane Poole, a celebrity makeup artist, and I discuss 6 tips for bringing out a woman’s natural beauty after 60. Since we are no longer focused on using makeup to help us look more mature, Ariane encourages us to take a more “positive aging” approach that lets our radiant and vibrant beauty emerge.

She starts with attitude and how important having a positive mindset is to looking great. Then, we discuss the importance of nutrition and food supplements for creating a healthy body, full of life and vitality. Ariane also highlights exercise as the basis of looking great and feeling fit after 60.

Next, Ariane reminds us of how a great haircut and color that suits your face is a great way to look naturally attractive at any age. Good skincare routines, including exfoliation and deep cleaning are also mentioned as being vital for keeping older skin glowing.

Finally, Ariane shares some makeup techniques for older women, including how to choose cosmetics that are perfect for our age.

This is an action-packed 4 minute interview and I hope you enjoy it. If you find this video interesting, please check out our makeup tips for older women video series that we produced together with Ariane.

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