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How to Recharge Your Batteries by Experiencing Nature’s Beauty

I have just returned from a journey, camping in one of the remote mountain areas of Peru. It was an amazing experience that I only dreamed of, especially since I am in my 60s and didn’t think I was strong enough to make the journey.

I also created many excuses as to why I couldn’t go – money, being too busy – you know, all those roadblocks you put up when you are hemmed in by your routine.

Having lived the country life and missing it terribly, my mentor recommended taking big vacations in nature as often as I could. That was the impetus to take this trip to Peru.

Surrounded in breathtaking beauty – snowcapped mountains and crystal clear lakes – new horizons and insights emerged about what it means to live fully engaged in a different landscape.

You know, living in today’s world is filled with challenges, globally and in our own lives. We are flooded with messages daily that create fear and uncertainty of the future, leaving us with a sense of hopelessness, powerlessness and sometimes isolation.

Here’s what nature does to meet some of those challenges.

Nature Places You in the Present Moment

In nature, there is no news, no phones or texts or emails, no to-do lists. Experiences that seemed so significant melt away when you are surrounded with the incredible beauty of nature. You come to understand that you are part of a much larger world.

Nature Recharges Your Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Batteries

Nature provides a sense of calm and peacefulness. Something comes alive within you. In these moments, you become aware and receive a fresh perspective to whatever is going on in your life. You gain new insights and wisdom on what is important to you, what really matters.

In Nature, Everything is Interconnected

Isn’t interconnectedness true in life? We live in relationship to everything, especially with the people we care about. You are part of a human network. When you are truly connected to others, depression and anxiety melt away because you are engaged and rooted in your own inner wisdom. Similarly, nature reflects your own inner beauty that is reflected out to the world around you.

When you are connected to nature, you emerge with an understanding that you are not powerless and life is not hopeless. You understand that your intelligence and strength empower and infuse your relationships with wisdom and love. You matter!

I know we can’t take big trips all the time. What you can do is look for beauty every day through nature. Take a walk in a park, go on a hike, walk on the beach, listen to the birds sing as you awaken each day. Look for the brightest star in the night sky and make a wish for peace in yourself and for the world.

Do you love to spend time in nature? Has your time spent in nature reset your own life? How has it changed how you feel about your relationships with others? Please share in the comments.

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Ellen Bachmeyer, LCSW, is a practicing psychotherapist and Life Coach, she has supported women in their 50s, 60s, and beyond through many life transitions from divorce to caretaking and grieving, to remarriage, grand parenting and encore careers. Ellen offers assistance in recapturing your life's vitality, rebalancing, satisfying your needs and renewing your power to take meaningful action in your life.

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