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How to Rock Fashion Over 50 Like a Celebrity! (We Bet You’re Missing #3!)

By Sixty and Me October 29, 2018 Beauty

Finding your inner-goddess can be as simple as playing a role – just like a real-life movie star! You don’t need to be in a big budget Hollywood movie to feel like a million dollars. Do you have what it takes to rock fashion over 50 like a celebrity? Of course you do!

In today’s interview, Margaret Manning and style blogger Mel Kobayashi from Bag and a Beret discuss how to embody the spirit of a screen siren whenever you like!


Start Small, Aim High to Get More from Fashion After 50!

Is your new “movie star attitude” going to be an overnight success? Will it be something that comes naturally? Probably not, but you don’t know if you don’t give it a chance. Perhaps the first time you try you feel a little foolish, but everyone needs to start somewhere!

One of the best ways to approach something you feel apprehensive about is to do it bit-by-bit. Although makeovers can be fun, for some of us, it can be hard to pull off with confidence if they are drastic.


For some, the first step is to start the process slowly by changing something small about your current look. Mel recommends starting with one piece – such as adding fun tights with a regular dress – then adding more items as you feel comfortable with the previous one.

Create Positive Cause and Effect

It seems silly when you think about it, but many of us are unaccustomed to receiving compliments and attention – positive or otherwise. Believe it or not, one of the best ways to learn to accept compliments is by giving them to others!

Giving compliments to other helps boost your confidence as it creates a two-way positive effect. When you see how happy it makes another person to be noticed and celebrated in a small way for being who they are, it also helps you accept yourself.

This self-acceptance sows the seeds to learning how to accept positive affirmations from others. You teach yourself to appreciate others’ validation of how you feel about yourself!

Instead of falling into the tired habit of self-deprecation, before you know it you will start to thank others for noticing you too!

Find Your Inner Sass

Fashion after 50 is far from drab, and neither are you! Whether you realize it or not you have an inner sass ready to release into the world with the flick of a skirt.

In today’s interview, Margaret discusses how we often embody the clothes we wear. For example, wearing a power suit jacket with a white shirt can make you feel powerful, authoritative. It can be the same with a pencil skirt – you might find your inner Marilyn or Greta unleashed through your slightly flirty walk as you sashay through the crowd.

Your inner rebel can be shown in the subtlest of ways – your eyes, lips, and face can exude mysterious, aloof confidence. It all comes back to what you choose to believe of yourself – and it sure doesn’t hurt to dress up and play a part!


What does this mean? Is it a secret code to understanding fashion for older women? It IS an insider secret – shared by Mel in today’s fashion after 50 interview. Watch to find out more!

Do you have a favorite clothing item that makes you feel like a million dollars? Which screen siren can you see yourself emulating? Which movie star do you think makes fashion for older women look effortless? Let’s chat!

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