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How to Sleep Well and Get More from Life After 60

By Margaret Manning September 16, 2019 Health and Fitness

What pops into your mind when you think about the following question – what does it take to get the most from life after 60? If you are like most people, your thoughts probably jumped to suggestions like “being more productive” or “following your passions.”

There is nothing wrong with these instincts. After all, getting the most from every day requires us to take a proactive approach to how we structure our days.

How to Sleep Well After 60

But, did you know that one of the best things that you can do to get the most from life after 60 during the day is to make sure that you sleep well at night?

Getting a good night’s sleep helps to keep your body and brain healthy, giving you energy to pursue your passions. It also helps you to focus and gives you the discipline to do the things you know are important.

That’s all well and good, you might be thinking, but, I’m too stressed to sleep well. Or, perhaps you are able to go to sleep, but, find yourself waking up throughout the night.

The good news is that there are actually plenty of things that you can do to get a better night’s sleep. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Try doing gentle yoga before you go to bed
  • Use meditation to calm your mind
  • Listen to audio books or read fiction before bed
  • Try cherry or chamomile tea
  • Consider giving progressive muscle relaxation a shot
  • Use scents like lavender to calm your mind
  • Write down your worries and give yourself permission to forget them for the night

Ironically, the more we try to go to sleep, the harder it is to quiet our minds. So, instead of lying there, worrying about the fact that you can’t sleep, try letting your thoughts wander. If you create a relaxing environment and give your mind the freedom that it needs, you will be sleeping soundly in no time!

If you want to get more done during the day, make sure that you give your mind the sleep it needs at night.

Have you tried any of the techniques listed in this article for falling asleep? Did they help? What other advice or tips would you like to offer to the men and women in our community that might help them to sleep better?

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