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How to Use Technology to Get More from Aging in Place

By Sixty and Me October 16, 2019 Caregiving

Can technology and the older generation mix? Of course! Technology is not just for young people. As we get older, technology can help us improve our day-to-day living and safety. In fact, there are several technologies available to help those who want to age in place.

In today’s video, Margaret talks to Anthony Cirillo of The Aging Experience and Brian Harvey of Harvey Home Modifications about technology that can make aging in place easy and manageable.

Technology-Assisted Living

Safety and isolation are the two main issues that seniors face when aging in place. If you are by yourself, you don’t have someone readily available when you are lonely or in trouble.

Thanks to technology, seniors can now stay safe while living alone. Wearable devices can send out alerts after detecting a fall or a change in body patterns and functions. Some clothes can even detect heart attacks and strokes.

Alongside wearable fall detectors and body sensors, automated pillboxes are now available as well to remind users of any medications they need to take and when to take them.

Socialized Technology

Today’s technology can also help senior homeowners feel less isolated at home. With innovations such as smart appliances, artificial intelligence, and even robotics, those who choose to age in place can stay connected with family and friends and be socially engaged, all in the comfort of their own home.

There are even technologies that can create a “person” that homeowners can talk to and have simple conversations with, giving retrofitted homes both safety and a touch of humanity.

Creating a Safe Space with Technology

The whole purpose of technology is to make our lives easier. We can certainly have it work to our benefit during our retirement years. Here are some ways that seniors can use technology to create a safer living space and make aging in place an easy and empowering experience.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting can turn on and off automatically once it detects people entering or leaving a room. These lights can also adjust their brightness and temperature according to the homeowner’s natural body rhythms.

Hearing Loop

Hearing Loop technology is available for homeowners who use hearing aids. Through this special system, the hearing aid receives a magnetic signal that helps cut out unwanted background sounds to improve hearing.

Induction Cooking

Induction stovetops add another layer of safety for senior homeowners. Through induction technology, users don’t have to worry about fire-related accidents and injuries. Once cooking is done, the stove turns off automatically.

Utilizing Technology to Make Life Better

There are several types of technological solutions available that provide convenience and make aging in place easy and manageable for seniors. Whether it’s wearable solutions or retrofitted homes, it’s just a matter of choosing the right mix of technology for you.

Are you keeping up with the latest technology? What do you think is the most convenient piece of technology for aging in place? Share your recommendations with us in the discussion below!

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