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Are You Ready to Win Gold at the “Weight Loss” Olympics?

By Julie Dargan August 17, 2020 Health and Fitness

Although the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 have been postponed, dedicated athletes have not stopped training vigorously, their eyes on the gold. And let me tell you, you can follow in their steps to get yourself off the starting blocks and put your weight loss plan in action.

Here are my 4 action steps that all Olympic athletes follow to achieve their dreams, and you can incorporate these steps yourself.

The Warm-Up Stage

No pain, no gain may be the mantra, but only if you are not properly prepared. Preparation has you on your way to winning your gold ticket, and the first place you need to prepare is in the pantry.

Preparing your pantry is like a warm-up routine, you must do it before you try for success.

Plan on deciding your meals ahead of time, including making sure to have all the ingredients you need. Aim to write down exactly what you will be needing at least three days of meals ahead. Be sure to commit to a workable starting position. You do not want to be starting a new program three days ahead of a weekend getaway!

Seek Out a Coach or Mentor

All Olympians have a coach or mentor. Most importantly is will usually be someone they have carefully selected whom they trust. The same applies to you keeping on track with your weight loss goal. The right mentor can help with accountability and making the changes needed as well.

They will help get you in the right frame of mind to achieve your goal. And it doesn’t always mean having to spend a lot of money. Be sure to find someone who understands your frustrations and has knowledge on weight loss when you choose your weight loss coach.

The Starting Blocks Stage

Get all the basics organized. This means more than simple starting weight and measurements such as waist and hips. I recommend you write down simple facts such as sleep patterns, energy levels, ability to climb a flight of stairs (think breathless or not). Also remember to document any aches or pains and frequency of headaches.

Losing weight comes with a host of other benefits that you may not realize. When I lost over 25kg five years ago, I did not realise how much my diet and being overweight affected me.

My hair was like straw. I was tired and moody. I did not feel good about myself and was cold all the time. If I had known how much of a positive effect losing weight would have made on my life, I would have made more of an effort sooner than I did.

The Training Sessions

Now that you have laid the foundations for achieving success, don’t let your bad habits interfere with your weight loss success. Being wary of any hindrances in your success allows you to combat them ahead of time.

This includes keeping away from friends that may mean well but in all honesty may be sabotaging your efforts. It also involves hiding away – or removing from easy reach – any sweets/nibbles that you keep in your house though you know they tempt you.

Also try to opt out on having dessert when you go out for dinner. Your good efforts can go astray when being put to the test if you have too many obstacles in your path.

Now You Are On Your Way to Winning Gold

You will soon start seeing successful results, whether it be weight loss on the scales or feeling more at ease in the clothes you are wearing. It will become clear that your hard work is starting to pay off. You might note a shift in your mind focus.

You will not feel like a loser anymore, because you are not. Every little step in the right direction is a step towards success. Even if you take one step back with every two steps forward, you are a success. Belief in yourself is paramount to success!

The hard work starts now, so don’t declare weight loss victory until you know you are well and truly off the starting blocks and have your training regime in place. Once you have these steps in place you are on the road to victory.

Have you got the motivation to really win gold with your weight loss program? What techniques have you tried in the past to succeed in losing weight and keeping it off? Which stage in your weight loss Olympic training program are you? Please share your stories below, and let’s have a conversation!

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Julie Dargan (RN, ND, BHSc) has experience assisting women going through hormonal changes and want to live each day with confidence and enthusiasm.

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