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Is Life After 60 Stressing You Out? Maybe it’s Time to Explore the Benefits of Meditation with Susan Piver

By Margaret Manning September 01, 2018 Mindset

In our “always on” world, we often fail to take the time to reflect on ourselves. We are busy engaging in external activities that shape a definition of who we are – to other people. I have spoken with hundreds of women in the Sixty and Me community and many women say, “I work as a teacher.” “I give as a mother.” “I share as grandmother. “I give as volunteer.”

We are constantly living up to other’s expectations. Many women over 60 are still working. Others are looking after aging parents. Everyone would probably add the word “stressed” into a description of how they feel.

In my conversation with Susan Piver, who is a meditation teacher and author, we talk about what causes stress in life and the importance of aligning the way you describe yourself as an individual with the things that you actually do in the world. Are these two facets of your existence in alignment in your life?

I hope you enjoy the interview!


During our interview, Susan describes her personally as curious, introverted, intense, engaged, confused and clear. Each word has a supporting sentence that describes that quality and why it was important to her. Her chosen words align beautifully (and honestly) to her life view, her “rules of life.”

We talk about how stress occurs when how we see ourselves and how we act in the world are not aligned. How about you? Are you trying to do too much and please too many other people?

If you think that you are stressed because you are not clear on your “life rules,” perhaps meditation can help. Susan is clear that meditation is not a practice that will solve all of your problems. Instead, she discusses how it helps you to explore the foundational values that define who you really are and identify what is important to you.

My descriptive words are creative, compassionate, caring, connector and communicator… and if I’m 100% honest, I should add “confused” too. At least I feel that way some of the time! How about you?

I hope you enjoy my interview with meditation expert Susan Piver and that our conversation helps you to get the very most out of life after 60!

Susan’s wonderful website is at She offers free meditation lessons through her Open Heart Project.

Have you tried meditation? What was your experience? Did it help you to remove stress from your life? What are the six words that you would use to describe you? Does everything that you do in your life support or reinforce your values and validate who you are? Please “like” this article and share it with others so that we can learn more about each other.

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