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How to Overcome Loneliness by Making Your Home More Friendly

By Margaret Manning February 10, 2015 Health and Fitness

If you are wondering how to overcome loneliness, you may want to start by looking around your house. It is often said that your home is a reflection of your mind. They say that the choices we make in how we decorate, who we invite into our homes and how we spend our time reflect our personality and values. This is true to an extent, but, did you ever think about the fact that the opposite is also true?

Did you ever consider that the way that you organize your home may be contributing to your feelings of loneliness, or intimacy after 60?

Today, I came across a quote on that highlights this connection perfectly. The quote was from an anonymous person, who said, “I never feel a sense of loneliness when I’m at home. I have made my home into a warm, tranquil place where I feel safe and secure.”

How to Overcome Loneliness Quote - “I never feel a sense of loneliness when I’m at home. I have made my home into a warm, tranquil place where I feel safe and secure.” - Unknown

This quote made me think about the many ways that we can make our homes more inviting and positive. For example, have you ever thought about the positive impact that bringing nature into your home can have on your mood?

How to Overcome Loneliness by Improving Your Environment at Home

Sometimes, simply stopping to pick flowers from our garden can serve as a reminder of nature’s beauty. I have also written extensively about the power of downsizing your life to increase your happiness after 60.

The more you feel like you have control over your environment, the more strength you will find to engage with the world in positive ways. This, in turn, will put you on the path to building meaningful friendships.

The biggest changes in your life start with the simplest steps. So, today, why not take a few minutes to walk around your house and see how your surroundings make you feel? Do you feel comfortable in your home? What items make you the most happy? If you could change one thing about your home environment, what would it be?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you agree that the choices that we make in our homes impact our happiness? Why or why not? Do you think that organizing your life is essential to finding friends and fighting loneliness? Please join the discussion.


Here is a short video that I recorded about overcoming feelings of loneliness.

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