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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Shares One Makeup Tip Every Woman Over 50 Should Know

By Margaret Manning April 08, 2015 Beauty

Beauty after 50 is a complicated and somewhat touchy subject. On the one hand, the older we get, the less we tend to care about what other people think. On the other hand, as women in our 50s and 60s, we still want to feel desirable. We still want to look and feel our best, even if we don’t feel the same sense of competition with other women that we did in your youth.

In a recent interview with NewBeauty magazine, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, 54, discussed a few makeup tricks that she uses to get the look she wants now that she is a little older. She said:

As I’ve gotten older, I realize that less really is more – especially when it comes to makeup. I’ve found that a huge mistake you can easily make that ages you instantly is putting on too heavy foundation. All it does is define the lines you have.

This is very much in sync with the advice that professional makeup artist, Ariane Poole, gave me when we shot a series of makeup tips videos for older women. In the video below, Ariane recommends using a primer to hold on a lighter-weight foundation. This eliminates the need to use a heavier foundation, which can draw more attention to the lines on your face.

She also recommends using a brush, instead of a sponge to apply your foundation as this will prevent you from using too much product.

Please watch this makeup tips video. Then, let’s return to the discussion.

What I love about Julia Louis-Dreyfus, other than the fact that she is absolutely hilarious, is that she never looks like she is trying too hard. She is naturally beautiful and she doesn’t need to prove anything to the world. She is also one of a group of amazing actresses over 50, who are challenging stereotypes and changing perceptions of older women, both on and off the stage.

If you haven’t seen her in “Enough Said”, I highly recommend that you check out the film. It’s a perfect example of the kind of natural, funny and authentic role that she was made for.

Are you a Julia Louis-Dreyfus fan? Do you agree with her advice that women over 50 should lighten up on the foundation? Please join the conversation.


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